Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can you say Shopping Spree?

I warned you I might come away with more than just the dress!
I went to VS.com & was absolutely blown away with some of the deals.
Check out these amazing prices!

Ruffle-back skirt with seasonless stretch in Winter White
Original Price $39.50
On sale for $16.99

Super flare jean in light vintage
Original Price $59.50
On sale for $16.99

The Bridget Fit two-button cotton twill pant in Stone
Original Price $29.50
On sale for $12.99

4 Bouclé v-neck sweaters in Oyster, Pink Heaven & Night Sky.
Original Price $48.00
On sale for $12.99

Night sky & Pink Heaven

This one I splurged a little on, sort of.
I had to buy a PINK item to get free shipping so naturally I picked these....
The awesome part is, these babies put me over $150 total so I got $30 off my order meaning:
Original Price $44.50
I paid $14.50

UGA Football Dress
Original Price $39.50
On sale for $12.99
There is No way I would have paid $40 for this, but for $13 it's cute & I can wear it on Saturdays.

And last but not least, my new Racerback tank dress with crochet skirt.
Original Price $65.00
I Paid $39.00 with the summer sale 40% off coupon code.

If you haven't been totaling it up, that is $469.50 worth of clothes! I paid $179.50!!!!
I just love it when shopping makes you feel good & not guilty.
I am feeling soooo good right now.


Lyryn said...

Love what you picked!! My favorite is that dress!! So hot!

Candace said...

Man! you racked up!

Heather said...

Nice trip! You got some great deals! I bought that dress too- In Florida Gator of course and it looked awful on me! I had to return it. Im sure it looks fab on you though!

Michele said...

I have that black dress and got so many compliments on it!