Friday, May 7, 2010

The Search Party

If you're almost 37 weeks pregnant, and you leave your phone in the bedroom while showering & blowdrying your hair, & your husband is 12 hours away from home...
He will send a search party.
And you will almost back into their car pulling out of your garage.
Because he won't call and tell them that he talked to you & you are fine.
And he also won't tell you that he called them to come check on you, so you have no idea that they might be there.

Just letting you know.

But really, If I'm incapacitated enough that I can't get to my phone, how am I supposed to answer the door?

Just sayin'.

Speaking of Search Parties though....If you are still reading this blog then you must have missed the big moving announcement!
So come on over to my new home! Just click here!

Don't make me send a search party out for you!

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