Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few quick things!

1. Today is Swap Day if you are participating in the "Bunny Hop Swap"! So start sending those packages if you haven't already. We will be having a Swap Reveal link-up party on Wednesday, so if you are interested in participating, make sure you take a picture of your goodies!

2. Would you like an awesome free photo book? Of course you would! Today is the very last day to create a free 20 page photobook with Picaboo. I made one last week and received it yesterday. It is amazing! I am so in love with it, the quality is fantastic.
For complete details, click here!
Don't forget, today is the LAST DAY. So get designing! I promise, you don't want to miss this.

3. I received an award this week from my girls, Miss Prepperoni & Bella Michelle!
I love awards, they always make me feel so special & this one was no exception!

1. Who is your Style Icon?

2. What is your favorite Socialite Lit. Book?

I admittedly have not read the first one yet, but it was written by the mother of a friend of mine & can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

3.Favorite party theme?

4. Go-to Halloween costume

Totally kidding. This costume is priceless though.

5. Extravagance you can't live without.

Susan Lucci's Youthful Essence Microdermabrasion Kit.

6. Living person you admire.

My Grandparents.

7. Greatest Fear?

My husband dying. I can't even begin to imagine life without him.

8. Traits you deplore in yourself.

9. What talent would you most like to have?

10. What is your greatest achievement?
This one is tough but right now, I would have to say that I am the most proud of continually striving to be the best wife I can be for my husband.

Okay enough about me!
I have to tag 10 people, so in no particular order:

Blogging: The New Pink
The Richeys from BG
Jorden & Kristin
Adventures of the Wilkinsons
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The Thomas Chronicles
All Things Cherish
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Honey, Sugah, Dahlin'

The rules:
Post the "Preppy Mafia" picture on your blog.
Tell who tagged you.
Answer the questions.
Tag 10 people & let them know you tagged them!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Maternity Store Saleswomen,

I am writing you to say that hovering around me like a persistent little fly at a picnic, does not make me want to purchase more clothes. In fact, It makes me want to drop everything I'm holding in the middle of the store & run out into the mall. And let's face it, at almost 8 months pregnant, nobody wants to see me do that. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure running would be impossible, I imagine it would look something similar to a penguin trying to run. Not pretty.

Being with child does not make me incapable of buying clothes. I do not need you to tap on my dressing room curtain every 25 seconds and ask if everything is okay, if I need any help, or if you can take anything back for me. I brought my husband, he can go exchange sizes as good as anybody else. He can also tell you to go buzz off, which I assure you, he was only seconds away from doing based on his exasperated expression every time you would come by.

But if you absolutely can't refrain from asking me if you can take the things that I want to purchase to the register, then for crying out loud, make sure it's at the register when I get there. Because getting home from the mall that is 45 minutes away only to realize that the super cute black shirt that I loved and wanted to put on before going back to church ISN'T IN THE BAG causes irrational pregnant lady crying spells. Now not only do I not have the shirt, but I have to drive all the way there and come deal with you again, just to get it.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Surprise!

I don't normally post on saturday.....but I took new belly pictures this morning!

::waves hi::

And from the other side...

You can see her with my shirt down now!
:happy dance:
Unless I'm wearing my super comfy, oversized Georgia sweatshirt...which I do...probably too much.

Happy Saturday! Get out there & enjoy the sunshine. I've got bulbs to plant!

*Anybody else have a total "Amelia Bedelia" flashback when I said I was planting bulbs?

I loved me some Amelia Bedelia...come to think of it, that actually explains a lot.*

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Friday, March 26, 2010

If you're going to be a tattle-tail, make sure you have the right address...

1.) I was talking to my mom yesterday & she walked outside to get her mail. Right afterward, she said "What is this & who are these people?"
I had no idea what she was talking about and she starts saying that she got an envelope in the mail & it has all these pictures in it of people that she doesn't know.
She proceeds to find a little piece of paper that has something typed in itty bitty font, it reads:
"Dear Mrs. XX, Just thought you might like to have these pictures of your husband and Julia. They were taken during their hot steamy affair, after Julia divorced Michael. Some were taken in the Charleston/Savannah area, where they met for several weekend trips. Julia now has a lesbian girlfriend living with her. You know she is nothing but a slut, don't you?...."

Obviously the man in the pictures was not my dad, so mom was laughing by the time she got done reading the note. I asked her if there was a return address & she gave it to me.
I googled it and guess who's name came up? Julia!!
So apparently, whoever actually mailed the pictures, was really trying to get Julia in trouble, by using her address as the return address. sneaky, sneaky.

I have no idea who Julia is but she has made someone very upset with her about

The really odd part was, she said that the pictures definitely don't yell "hot steamy affair". Some of them were just the man by himself, walking down stairs outside, ect. Some were of a woman (julia?) by herself. There were a few of them together but they weren't touching each other in any way in any of them.

I just wonder how many of these letters got mailed out?

2.) I'm now 100% converted to a twitter fan. The biggest reason why being that it's like a facebook status without the need for censoring. Now, yall know me well enough to know that I very rarely use foul language, but that's not the censoring I'm talking about. I'm talking about having to contemplate what is now an acceptable status because of the backlash you can now receive on facebook.
Having a bad day? Can't write about that, because Grandma Margret will call your mom 'worried' about you.
Exhausted, sore, tired ect? Better not write that or you get, "Just wait till the baby gets here, you'll never get to sleep. You'll be sore all the time, your life will be AWFUL." Seriously, thanks for the support people. Who needs enemies, right?
Do something stupid? You don't want to go there, because we all have that one friend that is ready to rub your nose in all your mistakes & tease you about it forever.
Going home to see your family? That's out, cause there's that one person that you haven't seen since middle school, that you weren't even very close friends with to start with, that leaves those comments saying, " OMG We should totally hang out!!!".

Not a problem on Twitter. That's why I'm a fan.

3.) 2010 Census commercials are annoying. :sings: "We can't go forward, until you mail it back."
I mailed it back, so you can start moving on forward now...

4.) Oh and another thing about facebook. I received a fan page request this week. Someone made a facebook page for their unborn child & "suggested I become a fan."
I hate to break it to everyone but I will not be making a fan page for Pipsqueak. I know you're incredibly disappointed.

5.) It wouldn't be a true "7 quick takes by Pippy" if there wasn't a story about my awesome & incredibly funny husband somewhere in here. He's been out of town all week and one night when I was talking to him on the phone, & he mentioned how tired he was, then he said "It's worth it though, I'm doing all this and working hard now, so that when we're old, we don't have to sit around eating beanie-weenies until we die."
I'm so glad he's thinking about our retirement. lol

6.) If your dog literally 'leaps' off his bed and runs to the front door when you put your jeans on, you are probably spending far too much time in athletic pants...not that it happened to me or anything.

7.) Our pastor recently went on a mission trip to Brazil, on Sunday night, he showed this picture that he took while he was in the plane. He said that they had come through a really bad storm and the pilot increased their altitude to get them above the clouds. The picture was so cool because you could see the dark stormy clouds below the plane, but above them, blue skies & sunshine. He said:

"Never forget, even when you feel like you are going through the worst storm you have ever encountered, the sun is always shining above the clouds."

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breaking news!

with little toes!!!!!

Pip has been doing this thing where she stretches really big & presses her feet against my right side. It's so weird because this little lump pops up almost on my back but as soon as I press & feel against it, she moves it and it disappears. I have been assuming that it was a foot because the hard spot itself is only about 2 inches long.

But this morning I got confirmation...or as close to confirmation as you can get without actually being able to see inside, and well...that would just be creepy.

When she started pressing hard, I started lightly running my fingers over the spot, seeing where it started and stopped. Then I started pressing just a little harder around the edges & I felt a slight change in texture/shape from one side to the other on one end, like little bitty bumps!
Then she moved. Little stinker.

Just for the record, the bump that comes up does not look like this...

(sidenote: Isn't that a creepy-ishly cool picture though? I'm thinking photoshop)

But that's kinda what it feels like, just up by my ribs.

**I'm sorry that the blog has been baby central this week! I had a totally different post planned for today & then felt her little toes, & I couldn't contain myself! Non-baby stuff tomorrow, pinky promise!**

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nursery Sneak Peak

I had this great post planned about this "Amish friendship bread" that I was going to be baking this morning, but when I started gathering my ingredients I realized I was missing something & am going to have to go to the store before I can start baking...
So that post will have to wait until tomorrow!

In the meantime, anybody want to see a little of Pipsqueak's nursery?

Here's the hubs inspecting all of the crib pieces!

He's a fast worker!

And then of course, I had to put all the bedding in there, even though I'll have to take it off to wash it before long.

Isn't it cute?

That's all for now.
I'm working on a few other little craft projects for her room, but you'll have to wait till I finish!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10..9..8.. We're getting closer to blastoff!

That's right. I'm officially 30 weeks!
Man, that is soo hard to believe, but things have been going great so I can't complain.
I'm excited about my countdown going into single digits, it just seems so surreal.

Twice a year our region does a huge indoor consignment sale. A lot of it is absolutely brand new stuff, with the tags still on it. They have cribs, pack-n-plays, diapers, blankets, crib sets, toys, bottles. You name it, they have some.
It is very cool & you can save tons of $!
My BFF and I went on Sunday afternoon & I scored some awesome deals for the Pipsqueak including a Baby Einstein Bouncer/Rocker with Mp3 attachment for only $12.

Oh! And the clothes! You wouldn't have believed the racks & racks of clothes.
I didn't buy a whole lot, but I got some things that were just too cute to pass up.

While I was shopping, I realized a few things about myself. Over the past few months I have developed a few addictions.
I know that admitting you have a problem is the first step, so here is my "baby girl clothing addicts anonymous" introduction....

Hi, My name is Pippy & I'm addicted to.....

1. Polka Dots
(To be honest, I was already addicted to polka dots but polka dots on little girls clothes has taken my addiction to a whole new level.)


3. Sleepers with little footsies. Esp. if they look like a shoe or cute cuddly animal.

4. Little dresses with matching hats & shoes.

5. Little pink sneakers.

I almost can't handle the cuteness of these. They are one of my favorite pipsqueak items so far.

We put the crib together this weekend so stay tuned for a nursery sneak peak sometime this week!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm a Georgia girl in a Kentucky world.

I want to preface this post by saying that I am & always will be a Georgia football fan 100%.
Very few things excite me like watching our boys in Red & Black take the field.

However, I find myself here, living in Kentucky, in the middle of March Madness being pretty darn excited when images like this one come on our big screen tv.

(6'11" freshman DeMarcus Cousins)

Have you seen these guys play?
We're talking about freshman & sophomores here people.

(6'4" freshman John Wall)

They're not just winning. They have been DOMINATING.
For example, in the SEC Tournament they beat No. 15 Tennessee, 74-45

(DeMarcus Cousins)

In the first round of the NCAA Tournament, they beat East Tennessee State, 100-71

(6'9" Patrick Patterson)

Round 2? They beat No 9. Wake Forest, 90-60.

The best part?

(John Wall)

They are having FUN.

So while I will always bleed Red & Black, there's nothing wrong with rocking a little blue during basketball season, right?

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I don't remember attending plumbing school...

Maternity jeans - the inspiration behind "Pants on the ground"


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Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes - I get a thousand hugs...

1. I love spell check & predictive text, however I hate it when I'm typing something & it automatically changes the word I'm typing to something completely different. If I wanted it to say that I would have typed that in the first place. Prime example, I got a text from my little sister this week, it read :"I'm heterosexual to Kohl's. do you need anything?"
It was supposed to say "I'm going to go to Kohl's.." but she left out a space somewhere & that was what her 'smartphone' thought she meant to say. LOL

2. This song cracks me up, not because the song itself is actually funny but because my husband, after hearing it for the first time started trying to make his voice sound like this & sing the song to me one morning while he was getting ready for work. I married a clown y'all, but I love him more & more everyday.

3. Speaking of the hubs, he travels a lot for work & frequently has to work late. So when he is actually home we take advantage of the time we get to spend together. I don't clean on the weekends for this reason. Snuggling with him is way more important than dishes in the sink or laundry in the dryer. That's what monday's are for.

4. While I was at the store the other day I started noticing something about brand names. There are some brand names that have absolutely taken over an item. Like Band-aids, everyone says band-aid but it's actually that's a brand, not an particular item. The generic version of band-aid? Adhesive strips.
Jello? It becomes "flavored gelatin mix"
Cool-whip? Whipped topping
There's tons more.

5. I realized yesterday that I still don't have a "The Pioneer Woman" cookbook. :hangs head in shame: My next amazon order will have to rectify this situation.

6. In my latest couponing adventures I came across a coupon for 20% any one Vera Bradley Sale item. So I cruised on over & they had a bag that I had been wanting in a print that I love that has been discontinued on sale. Original price $85.00, on sale for $35.00, I paid $29.50 after using my coupon. I love great deals.

7. Anybody looking for some giveaways? I have oodles of blog friends doing giveaways this week. Here is a list of some you should check out!
Kitchen Belleicious - Red Letter Word Giveaway!
Thrifty Decor Chick - Donna Geissler Photography Giveaway
The Preppy Princess - The Great Preppy Princess Giveaway!
Stacy Says - Ann Taylor clutch giveaway
Short Southern Momma - 100th post giveaway!

Tell them Pippy sent you!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

"It's better than a mango even.."

I don't normally "steal" other people's blog posts, but I'm totally doing it today.
This was just too good....or bad to not share with all of you.
However , please go visit "Fatherhoody" and thank him for finding this gem for us.
The video is posted on his blog as well and he made a nice list of 13 things to review after you have seen the video.
Seriously, I don't know how he found this but omg. I don't even have words.

Here's my list of things to review...
1. NO
2. When your kid is old enough to talk, it's time to let go of the tit.
3. If your kid is old enough to say, "I won't monkey around I promise" YOU ARE WAY PAST TIME TO WEAN.
4. To quote popular comedian Ron White "Things that make you go 'bleeeggghhh' :shudders"
5. Did I say NO already?

That is just wrong on SOOOO many levels.

*Pippy is not responsible for any side effects you may experience from watching this video. Typical side effects include vomiting, nausea, nightmares, gagging, body shivers (the bad kind), ect.*
The opinions stated are mine, you are free to your own. However if you disagree, you probably should just stop reading my blog now, cause we don't have anything in common. While I fully intend on breastfeeding my child, there will be weaning period sometime between 6 months to a year old. WAY before she can tell me that my milk is better than a million melons. I promise.*

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some people deserve to be pinched...

Like this guy for instance...he actually deserves far worse than pinching but since everybody's already hatin' on all of the mommy bloggers this week, I'll keep my opinions to myself.

In happier news...

I hope you all have a wonderful & safe St. Patricks Day! Mine will be pretty low key, but I might enjoy some of my thin mints...they come in a green box so that totally counts as a St. Patty's day food, right?

For those of you participating in the Bunny Hop Swap, you should have received an e-mail from me last night with your swap partners e-mail address. If you didn't get one, let me know!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Y'all need to find a cracker barrel..."

Can I really be 29 weeks?
Seriously? That can't be possible, can it?

I passed my 3-hour glucose test like a champ! Typing is tough with band-aids on 4 fingers, especially on the iPhone. I clicked on the wrong contact to call several times yesterday...whoops.

We did a little nursery furniture shopping while we were gone this weekend, & have decided on the rest of our furniture. It should be here within 2-4 weeks.
The funniest thing happened while shopping for our glider though, yall are gonna loooove this.

Backstory: Like a good nesting wife & soon to be mother, I have researched all kinds of different gliders & rockers, how much they cost, how long they take to order, where you can get them from, ect. The other night I showed the hubby a picture of the one that I had decided I wanted & where I could get it for the best price.
Like a man, he was just positive that we could find it at a furniture store cheaper & negotiate with them on the price.

Fast forward to Saturday: We get up and go to a reputable baby furniture store in the Atlanta area, because while he is positive that they probably have what I'm looking for at Rooms-to-go, I'm positive that they will not. I persuade him to go with me to the baby store first, so at least he can see exactly what it is that I'm wanting. Then we can go where ever he thinks they might have one.

We pull up and sure enough, there in the window of the baby store, is a chair just like what I'm wanting. He kind of puffs up and says "See! I knew we could find one in a store, & I bet we can negotiate to get it cheaper than what you found online."
I just smiled, because I knew what all of you probably know, my husband has never stepped foot in a baby furniture store & had no idea what kind of price tag he was about to encounter.
It was TRIPLE what I found online & they said ::insert best snooty salesperson voice here:: "Well we don't really lower the price on our floor models, because by selling them, we're really doing YOU a favor, since you don't have to order one."
A favor indeed.

As we walked to the car, he said "I think you did a little more research than I assumed that you had, I'm thinking the one you found was probably the best deal" but since rooms-to-go was practically right next door, we decided that we would go in there, just to check & see if they had one.
Now that the hubby knows exactly what I'm looking for, he walks up to a salesperson & begins to describe it. The convo goes a little something like this:

Hubs: Excuse me, we're looking for a rocker/glider for our nursery
Salesman: ::blankstare:: you mean, like a lay-z-boy?
Hubs: No, not really a recliner. This looks more like a stationary chair, but it rocks/glides when you sit in it.
Salesman: :light of recognition flashes in his eyes: OH!! No man, we don't carry those here. What you need is to find you a cracker barrel, they have all kinds of those sitting out front on their porch, there's one right down the road on the left...
Pippy: :biting lip to keep from laughing:
Hubs: Um, no. It's not really a rocking chair exactly, it's an upholstered chair that glides.
Salesman: Well come over here, I think maybe we were talking about the same thing the first time :proceeds to walk us to the biggest lay-z-boy in the store.:

So needless to say, rooms-to-go was a bust.
Well, except for the fact that I will always giggle every time we pass a cracker barrel from now on...

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Monday, March 15, 2010

If you haven't already...

Today is the last day to sign up for the swap! So if you haven't already signed up, go ahead and click on the "Bunny Hop Swap" overe there on the right sidebar!

I'll be assigning partners tomorrow!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Guest Bathroom Sneak Peak!

I am so glad it's Friday!
I feel like I haven't seen the hubby all week & I'm definitely ready for some rest & relaxation! We are going to see my family this weekend for my little sister's spring ballet. I'm excited.

Who's ready for some quick takes?
If your joining us for the first time, the idea is simple, you jot down 7 things during the week & compile into one post on Friday. They can be about anything & everything! If you want to participate, just click the "7 Quick Takes" image below...after you read mine of course! : )

1. You know how I said I was ready for some rest & relaxation? I'm happy to announce that I am D-O-N-E at the old place. Everything is moved into the new garage and the old house is clean. I am so so so so excited about that. Now I just have to sort through everything in the garage, but oh well, at least it's all here!

2. I failed my 1-hour glucose So now I have to go on Monday for the 3 hour test, let me just tell you how excited I am about the thought of spending 3 hours in a waiting room & getting pricked by a needle every hour. I can hardly contain my excitement. ::dripping with sarcasm::
You want to know what is worse than failing? Having my Dr say "Don't be surprised if you fail, I set my pass threshold really low so that I can be sure and catch all of the borderline cases. I really doubt that you have anything to worry about, your body is handling this pregnancy wonderfully & your weight gain is perfect. You are extremely low risk for gestational diabetes."
Why thank you, I'm rewarded by you wasting 3 hours of a perfectly good day & being stuck by a needle 4 times. Lovely.

3. Moving into a new house is a learning process, you have to retrain yourself, learn where things are, etc. The funniest thing so far has been my husband answering his phone. We own our own business and every morning around 7 his phone will start ringing for the day. People needing his help with whatever. In our old house, we had a metal roof & absolutely no cell reception. So he would lay his phone by the bed, & when it would ring, he would literally "leap" out of bed, & run to the front door so he wouldn't lose the call. So funny.
The new house? Perfect reception. He can talk on his phone anywhere, but old habits are hard to break. Every once and a while, when he's still laying there dozing off, his phone will ring & he leaps into the air. I love it.

4. I have a love/hate relationship with fitted sheets. I love that they stay in place. I hate that every.single.time I put one on a bed, I start when the wrong corner.

5. So far, I have great neighbors! One house down is a couple is in our sunday school class & she happens to be like a couponing guru. She's teaching me how it works, & my first trip went great. My "stuff I got for free" pile was bigger than the "stuff I actually paid for" pile. Awesome!
Our neighbors right next door are Georgia fans!!! So obviously, I know that I like them already. They are from Ga, like me & she is having a baby girl in July.

6. If you have been around my blog for awhile, you know this guy.

This is Hurley. My 4 legged baby.
And by baby, I usually mean it in the "oh I love him so much, I don't know what I would do without him, he's the best dog in the world" kind of way.
But this week I mean it in the "I'm afraid of the new house, I hate the electric garage door, going through the car wash means you should hide in the floorboard" kind of way.
Poor thing. Our old house didn't have alot of windows & this one does, so the thunder & lighting storm we had 2 nights ago, ended up with him all the way under our bed.
In the above picture, he surveying my work in the guest bathroom, giving me a look that says, "Um mom, this is not our house. The people that own it are going to come home eventually and boy, are they going to be mad at you..."

7. I have gotten all kinds of comment & e-mails from you guys this week, wanting to see pictures of our new abode. So even though I wanted to wait until a room was completely finished to post pictures, I thought that I would give you a little sneak peak of what I've done in the guest bathroom so far!

We haven't hung the mirror yet...the hubs has been busy & it's too heavy for me.

And this is how I rewarded myself for getting all the moving done yesterday...

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Ps. Don't forget, Monday is the last day to sign up for the "Bunny Hop Swap", so tell all your friends and sign up here!

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