Friday, May 29, 2009

Lost Debit Cards & E-mail Viruses

This morning my SIL called to tell me that she had received an e-mail from DH's e-mail address, but didn't think it was from him. She said it was advertising for some electronics company and the spelling & punctuation was all screwed up. So I go check & sure enough there is an e-mail in his sent folder titled "hi" & when I opened it I realized that it had been sent to everyone in his address book!

I reported it to yahoo, They believe it was a virus in his e-mail system. I thought I should probably send a followup e-mail to everyone in his address book apologizing & telling them not to open the previous e-mail, but whatever sent the e-mail, erased all his contacts as well!

It definitely got me on the ball for stronger virus protection. Norton 360 here I come! However, when I reached the online checkout, I realized that my debit card that I had laid on the washing machine yesterday is now missing. You see I have this horrible habit of sticking that stinking thing in my back pocket, instead of in my purse where it belongs...So the other day I took my jeans off to wash them & tossed it on the dryer. As you can guess, it's MIA!

That will teach me....hopefully....probably not. It's not like it's much safer in my purse anyways. Do you have any idea how many times I have left that thing somewhere?? It's been locked in restaurants...with the car keys, mailed to me from about 3 different states, under the pew at church....I swear I am the world's WORST purse carrier...

yay for reporting lost debit cards & e-mail viruses! *grrr*

Our niece's HS Graduation is this afternoon, & afterwards, I think we are going to take the boat to the lake and stay at the camper with our friends, Tiny & MC tonight.
Fine by me, I'm all for spending the weekend on "Miss Georgia"!

Bible Verse Of The Day!

"If we live by the spirit, Let us also walk by the spirit."
Galatians 5:25 New Living Translation

Pippy's Perspective: "Being filled with the spirit is one thing, but actually living & walking by the spirit instead of our own desires is something that takes work & self control. Walking by the spirit is what we should all strive for, even though it's not easy."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pulling the Goalie

Well here we are. DH & I have officially "Pulled the Goalie"!

May 2009 is our first month of TTC!

I use that term lightly really because I don't feel like we are actually "trying", more like, "not preventing". I know that not charting my temps, cm, etc is a foreign concept for a lot of people. They would tell me that I'm being silly, stupid or otherwise & that I need to read TCOYF immediately, but we really just want to have fun with this for a while & just see what happens. Then in several months, if nothing happens, we will actually begin "trying".

No offense to any of you that do all of those things, It's just not for me at this point, & this is really the only place I can say that without being "flamed" for it, lol. Luckily, I lurked long enough, that I kept all of this to myself & never made the mistake of saying something that would get me "flamed" on a board.

I thought since I have now officially moved my blog residence, I would catch you up on what has happened so far this month.

I took my last active pill on Sunday May 3rd, AF arrived on Thurs, May 7th & stayed until Wednesday May 13th. All of this is normal for me, however May 18th, I had one episode of very light spotting, just enough to tinge my CM pink. I really didn't think anything of this, knowing that spotting was possible, but then I woke up May 19th to find that AF had arrived again with a vengence. That lasted till the 22nd with spotting(brownish) continuing through Tuesday the 26th. Everything I've read says that usually your period takes forever to come after discontinuing BC & mine was back after 6 days!!!! Talk about bummer!

It was kind of a shock & I was kind of worried at first but I guess it's just my body regulating itself.
After reading all the posts about so many women not having AF for 30,60+ days, I guess I just assumed that it would be that way for me as well. So for AF to come 6 days after my normal period... was just not what I was expecting!

I guess we will find out in a few days if Aunt Flo comes back for another early visit! *crosses fingers & hopes not* That many days of "visiting" is not very conducive for "having fun & seeing what happens" if you know what I mean...*wink*

Bible Verse Of The Day!

"Better to be poor & honest, than to be dishonest & a fool."
Proverbs 19:1, New Living Translation

Pippy's Perspective: Your own integrity is your true wealth, no matter what your bank statement says.

1st Post!

Hello All,
I have decided to move my blog from Xanga to here. All of my new friends on "The Bump" seem to like this one better, and I don't want to be the oddball. I know, I know, If everyone jumped off a cliff...whatever.
A little info about myself, Pippy is the nickname that my husband gave me & I like it better. DH & I were married on Dec 6th, 2008. He is AMAZING! I have truly been blessed with a wonderful, loving husband that really is my BEST friend. I love our life together & we are so excited about the future.
I'm originally from Georgia but am now officially a Kentucky transplant. DH's family lives here & he now works for his family's car business. We used to travel all over the country training & showing cutting horses full time, but his father is getting older & needed help. So we have settled down & started making a life here at home. We live in an apartment attatched to a barn. We lovingly refer to our little home as "The Mule Barn" so if your wondering in future posts what the heck I'm talking about, it's where I live....and yes it does house mules...not us, but the 4 legged, kicking, braying, wake you up at 2 am kind. So stay tuned because there is always something going on around here & you can experience life from pippy's perspective....