Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Funnies

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nursery Ideas

You asked for our nursery ideas...

Well that story begins a little over a year ago.

My super sweet husband goes to Big Lots sometimes to buy things for work. One day while he was there, he walked past a bin of miscellaneous blankets.
I'm always cold, so he stopped to look & see what was in there.
While he was looking, he came across a pack of receiving blankets.

I'm pretty sure he was sold the minute he saw the words "Bandana Bear" but when he saw the pattern, he was for sure bringing them home.

So that afternoon, he brings them home to me.
He says "I know we haven't even started trying to have a baby yet, but I saw these at the store & I wanted us to have them for when the time comes. There's a whole nursery set that matches it."
He pointed to the picture of a nursery on the pack of blankets.

The picture on the pack looks like this.

He went on to say that he really liked it, & wanted me to try to find it, "for you know, when the time comes."

Naturally, the whole thing, made my female heart melt.
I was concerned by one thing though.
He found the blankets at Big Lots, which is overstock or things that are left over from discontinued lines.
As it turns out, the line had indeed been discontinued.

That made it a challenge, but after several months, I came across a listing for the complete set.
A lady had listed it on Craig's List. I contacted her & she told me that her parents had a cabin on a lake & they had made a nursery for her daughter there. However, they only went a few times, & the set had been slept in about 3 times.
I was a little hesitant but she was only asking $35, so I figured "Why not?" I was willing to take a chance for that.
It came in a big box, & I was oh so pleasantly surprised when I opened it.
It had been listed as a 4 piece set, Blanket, bumper, sheet & decorative head board piece.
The blanket looks like this

What was in that box was so much more than a 4 piece set.

Not only was the blanket, bumper, sheet & headpiece in there, but she had thrown in the mobile, lamp, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, & 5 extra sheets!!!
I was so excited & my husband?
Well, I knew from the look on his face when he picked the blanket up that it was the best $35 I had ever spent.

Just having him pick it out himself made it worth the hassle of trying to find it.

So that bedding will go in this crib from JCPenney.
In Cherry, not white.

I'm not 100% sure on the rest, but I really like the look of the vinyl trees & branches.
I'm considering this branch to go on a wall in the nursery to bring out some of the blue & green in the bedding.

& maybe one of these in a different color, saying "Riley" over the crib.

A lot of it will just depend on what color I end up painting the nursery.
That's about all I have right now.

If you have any ideas for me, let me know! I would love to have your input or design ideas!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The answers to your questions!

Good morning!
I hope y'all had a good weekend!
I did except for lack of sleep.
Baby Pippy has decided that night time is the best time for extreme acrobatics.
Which is fun, but it wakes me up...& keeps me that way.

Okay so, you guys had some questions, & how I have some answers! Ready?

#1 Michele from "My Italian Grandmother" said "I had no idea you could blog using a Wii! How does that work?"

A: This was actually a new discovery for me last week because I had no idea I could surf the internet on that thing. It's pretty cool! The back of the Wii has a place where you can hook up an phone line. We actually have wireless internet in our house, so I'm not sure how you hook the phone line up, but however you connect, you just go to the settings on the Wii & go to the internet setting. After you hook it up, you can now access the Wii shop channel. It's on the Wii startup menu when you first turn it on. From there, you can download the Internet Channel, it's free. Then presto! You now have a internet browser on your Wii. You can use it just like the one on your computer! Enjoy!

#2 Kelsey from "The Richey's from BG" asked "Do you ride horses? Did you ride when Mr. Pippy trained horses. Where did you live?

A: Yep! I've ridden since I was a kid. He was training cutting horses in Georgia (where I'm from), I actually took him a horse to train for me, that's how we met! We traveled all over the USA going to shows, Mr. Pippy was very good! I didn't show as much as He did, I was usually too busy helping him or our customers but I got 4th at the All American Quarter Horse Congress one year!

We stayed in Georgia for awhile before moving to western Kentucky. His family is in the car business here & his dad wanted to retire so he moved home to run the family business. Now our horses are just a hobby instead of our jobs, but we still really enjoy them!

#3 Chelsea from "Roots & Rings" wanted to know where our crib is from & some Nursery details!

A: The Crib is from JCPenney! It got here the other day, however I haven't set it up yet. I promise I will post pictures as soon as we do. I have all kinds of Nursery details for you guys, but I feel like it deserves it's own seperate post with lots of pictures. So I promise I will post that this week, maybe even tomorrow! Fair enough?

#4 Haley from "Deals, Steals & Heels" didn't really ask a question, but this is for you Haley!

It's Baby Pipsqueak's very first swimsuit!!! I fell in LOVE & had to have it. I also wanted to be the one to buy her first swimsuit. That makes it even more special to me.

Which brings us to our last question...

#5 Candace from "Mrs. Southern Belle" wanted to know our top name picks for Baby Pippy.

I love calling her Pipsqueak as her nickname, but she does in fact, have a real name that was picked out just for her.

While Mr. Pippy & I did all that traveling all over the country that I mentioned earlier, we had loads of time to talk about anything & everything. So we had already discussed what names we liked & didn't like before we even got pregnant.

We knew all along that if we were ever blessed with a little girl that we would name her...

Riley Elizabeth

: )

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm dissapointed, I'll admit it..

For starters, my husbands trip got delayed & he won't be back untill this afternoon.
But I'm also really dissapointed that only 2 people had any questions for me...Guys that's hard on the pregnancy hormones. So now I'm here feeling like I could cry in my cheerio's with the song " nobody likes me, guess I'll go eat worms" playing in my head.
But I digress,
I promise to answer the questions I received on Monday when the computer is back in my possession.

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't forget.. I still need help

I still need some more questions to answer for tomorrow's post!
Lurkers, now would be a great chance to introduce yourself & come play!
I know some of my regular readers have to have some questions as well!
I know you guys won't let me down.

Check out yesterday's post for complete details!

I can't wait to answer the questions ya'll come up with!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I messed up...HELP : )

I sent my laptop out of town with my husband!
So now I'm stuck blogging from either my iPhone or the Wii. Neither one is easy. So here's what I need from you guys, #1 I need questions. Anything you want to know about yours truly, & #2 check out some of the awesome blogs listed on the left and tell me what your favorite one is! They are all fantastic so you really can't go wrong.
And since we're blog hopping, maybe share some of your favorites with me? I'm gonna need some reading material till Mr. Pippy gets home!

That is your assignment, should you choose to accept it.
You have untill tomorrow night!

Annnnd go!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Won!

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night?
Did you see me?
I just KNEW they would mention my very first blog award, but I was too busy watching Jack Bauer try to save the world for the 56,000th time.

Speaking of, How many times does the dude have to prevent a major disaster before they start listening to him? He's got a hunch & they say "No thanks Jack, we're gonna do this our way, you can run along now."

Anyways, Back to my awesome award! My friend Joy @ Thoughts for the Journey, gave me this award on Friday. Thank you so much Joy! It's the Happy 101 award.

Te rules are: list 10 things that make you happy & then pass on the award to 10 bloggers that make your day a better one.

So here goes:

10 Things that make me happy: (In no particular order)
1. My Husband
2. My Friends
3. My Family
4 My Lord & Savior
5. Baby kicks & rolls
6. Crafts
7. Fresh coats of paint
8. Sunshine
9. Christmas lights
10. Blogging & my readers! I love you guys, comments seriously make my day. I love reading & getting to know each one of you better, you are an awesome group of women & I feel blessed to have "met" every one of you.

10 Blogs that make my day a better one:
1. Roots & Rings
2. Deals, Steals & Heels
3. Mrs. Southern Belle
4. Jorden & Kristin
5. Big things come in small packages
6. I pick pretty
7. Prepperoni
8. Shanty to Chic
9. Thrifty Decor Chick
10. A penny saved

I had to pick 10 but there were plenty more! Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to get to know you & sharing your lives. It's been such a blessing!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My budget is in trouble...


How adorable is this?

No I didn't buy it...but I wanted to.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Big Announcement

Pipsqueak wants you to know that:

A healthy, active, shy, sweet baby girl.
Did I say active?
She wouldn't be still! We had such a hard time getting all her measurements. She was head down & hiding her little face. We got a few glimpses but she would put her hand up there to hide, or scratch her face & head.
It was so incredibly awesome to see her little fingers moving & twitching.
To see her kicking & feel it at the same time was such a unreal experience.
I could have laid there all day watching her.
We are so excited!

Hi guys!

Just wanted to let you know that Pipsqueak & I both doing great! I'm not home yet & it's hard to blog from my phone! As soon as I get home, I'll post an update! I know you are all dying to know what pipsqueak is!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Oh my goodness y'all,
I am 20 WEEKS pregnant today.
Holy Cow, that is halfway! It sooo doesn't seem like it has been that long, & with this weather, May/June seems so very far away.

Tomorrow is the big ultrasound! I am so excited to see our little baby again. The last time that we saw our baby, it looked like this:

I can't wait to see how much Pip has grown! With all the jumping & dancing that I have been feeling, I'm sure that it's quite a bit!

It's been a while since I've answered the weekly questions but in honor of week 20, here they are!

* How far along?: 20 weeks!
* Total weight gain: At my appointment in December it was 3lbs. I don't keep a scale in my house because "Scales are da debil."
* How big is baby?: Head to Rump about 6.5 inches!
* Sex: sometimes lol j/k *see weekly wisdom* We find out tomorrow!!! I hope! Pip, you're grounded for life if you don't show us the goods!
* Maternity clothes?: Yes & No, My shirts are still pretty good, but not great. I'm loving the maternity pants except for the tighter band that keeps them from falling down is right across where the baby hangs out, so it's uncomfortable sometimes.
* Stretch marks?: None yet & I have been pretty awful about not using my lotion, I better start making a better habit.
* Sleep?: not too bad, still waking up about 2 times to use the restroom.
* Best moment this week? Knowing the ultrasound is finally almost here.
* Movement?: Oh my goodness, yes. Pip wants to be the kicker for UGA, Do somersaults with the cheerleaders & swim on the synchronized swimming team.
* Food cravings?: Nah, not really. The whole pickles & ice cream thing never happened for me.
* Labor signs?: No, & they need to stay away for a long long time.
* Belly button in or out?: In
* What I miss: Honestly? Not a whole lot, yeah I'd love some Sushi but I'm really enjoying this part of being pregnant so I don't miss a whole lot.
* What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow!
* Words of Wisdom: You're not going to "hurt" the baby during *ahem* marital relations. However, just because you know that you're not, doesn't keep you from worrying about it. all.the.time. lol
* Milestone: 20 weeks! We're halfway there!

So I don't guess I have to tell you, but check in tomorrow!!! Our appointment is at 9 cst!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I forgot to show you guys something!

In all the excitement of the holidays, I forgot to tell you "The Crib Story".
It's a long story, one with lots of emotions & frustrations, one that ultimately ends with me finding out that someone had bought us a crib as a surprise*.

We greatly appreciated the gesture, however there were some design elements that didn't quite work for me, so we returned it**, & exchanged it for this!

(Except in Cherry, not White.)
Like this!

I really like how it sweeps down in the front, I'm not very tall & thought that it would be easier to bend over to pick the baby up.
I also really like the trundle drawer underneath. The nursery is kinda small, so extra storage is always a good thing!
It's also a conversion bed that becomes a toddler bed, & then a full sized bed.

As soon as it gets here & we get it set up, I will definitely post more pics!

*Surprise as in totally unexpected with no previous mention whatsoever.

**Word to the wise, when "surprising" someone with furniture, or something they would have a hard time picking out themselves, always check the return policy.

***If you want the full story, you can shoot me an e-mail***

Friday, January 8, 2010

Belly pic anyone?

It's my very first belly pic for the blog.
I'll apologize in advance for it being my bare belly. Unfortunately if I leave my t-shirt down you can't see the belly, thus no belly pic.
Sooo you see my predicament.

Anyways, here we are at 19 & 1/2 weeks!

(Please ignore the wall paneling, we're moving soon & I cannot even begin to till you how excited I am to be saying adios to that!)

There you have it, my little pipsqueak bump!
Don't forget to vote in the poll!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

To the right..

You will see a little poll.
A pipsqueak sized poll.
What do YOU think baby Pip is? Boy or Girl?
The poll is open till Wednesday, when I *hope* to be making the big announcement! So make sure to vote before then.

Just for fun, I answered some questions to help you make your guess, unless you just have a hunch.

If the heart rate is under 140 you'll have a boy.

This one is tough, our first u/s the heartbeat was 114 then the doppler further along said 145?

If you are carrying all your weight out front its a girl, if your weight is around your hips and bottom it's a boy.

All 3lbs? lol I'd say it's around my hips so Boy.

If your bump is low it's a boy if your bump is up higher it's a girl.

Definitely boy.

If the baby is very active it's a boy.

For sure boy. (I'm thinking future kicker for UGA)

If you're craving sweets it's a girl, if you're craving salt you're having a boy.

What about fruit? I can't really pick sweet or salty.

If a wedding ring or needle suspended over your belly moves in a strong circular motion you are having a girl. If it moves to and fro like a pendulum, you're having a boy.

Boy! The hubby even tried swinging it in a circle, & as soon as he stopped it went back to a straight line.

If daddy is gaining weight along with mommy (or more than mommy) it's a girl.

Then it's a girl! He's definitely gained more than me.

When picking up a single key, if she picks it up from the thin end, it's a girl. If she picks up the key from the base it's a boy.

It'll be a boy.

If your face is colored in acne you're having a girl. If you have clear beautiful skin you'll have a boy.

Um, It's mediocre? Not covered but not clear & beautiful.

Do you sleep on your Right or your Left side? Right you're having a girl, left you're having a boy.

Girl, I mainly sleep on my right side.

If you are puking all the time you'll have a girl.

Once again, hard to tell. Lots of nausea, very little actual puking.

If your hands are dry you'll have a boy, if they are soft you'll have a girl.

Neither? It's normal. Neither dry or super soft.

If you're drinking lots of orange juice and other citrus you're having a girl.

Boy, I could care less about OJ.

If you feel graceful during pregnancy you're having a girl, but if you feel clumsy you'll be having a boy.

I think this would have to be Boy, I've been pretty clumsy. However, I was was to start with anyways : )

If you gain weight in your face you're having a girl.

No facial weight gain, so Boy!

If you are especially moody you'll be having a girl.

Nope pretty normal, Boy.

The Mayan tale adds the mothers age at conception and the year of conception. If the result is an even number then mom is having a girl. If the result is an odd number then a boy is on the way!

The Mayans say Boy.

If you are the first born child, you will have what your mom had but starting with her second child. If you are the middle child, you will have what she had but starting with the third. If you are the last child you will have what your mother had in the exact order.

We'll have a Girl.

If you eat the ends of bread, it’s a boy. If you eat the middle of the loaf, it’s a girl.

Girl. Who eats the end of a loaf though? That's just weird.

The Chinese Gender Chart claims to have an accuracy rate of over 90%. It is based on how old the mother is at conception and the month that she conceived.

The Chinese say Girl.

Basically you are having a girl if your beauty disappears during pregnancy. It is said that the girl “steals” the mother’s beauty. If you think that pregnancy has never made you look more beautiful, you might just be having a little boy.

I can tell no change at all, lol so...

If you have dreams that you are having a boy, you will have a girl. If you dream about having a girl, it will be a boy. Dreams show the opposite of what you are having.

I have dreamed about the baby, but in the dreams, I never see the baby or what it is. So no dreams either.

When the pregnant woman is asked to show her hands, it’s a boy if she keeps her palms down and a girl if she shows her palms up.

Um, Boy? I think...

71% of the time, the mom-to-be knows what she is having.

BOY then!

When a pregnant woman craves meat and cheese, count on a boy.

Did somebody say steak? All Boy.

Are your feet colder now that you are pregnant? If so, you just might be having a boy. If your feet have stayed the same before pregnancy and during, you’re having a little girl.

Girl, they're the same

If you are having headaches, you might be carrying a boy.

I've had one or two, but that's normal for me. Boy.

It is said that when you can only think of specific names for a boy or a girl, you will have that particularly baby.

We've had both names picked out since before we got pregnant, so no help there.

That brings the grand total to:

BOY: 14 GIRL: 6 Undecided: 8

So... There you have it.

Not even the ancient chinese or mayans can agree. The upside is, you have a 50% of being right.

Ready, Set, Vote!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This time next week...

I hope to be finding out if the little pipsqueak is a boy or a girl!
My main prayer this week though, is to also find out that he/she is healthy.

I always thought that you would coast right along to your big ultrasound & find out the sex of your child & everything would be great. However I have now met so many women that had unsettling news given to them at the big ultrasound that finding out the sex really doesn't matter that much to me anymore. (Pipsqueak, that doesn't mean I want you to be difficult & not show us the goods)

It just means that there are far bigger things to worry & pray about this week.
So if you think of me over the next few days, if you don't mind to say a little prayer, that God will give me peace to calm my nerves between now and Wednesday.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Every southern lady needs one of these

An apron!
Not just any apron, but a ridiculously cute one, like my friend Chelsea @ Roots & Rings is giving away this week.

Seriously, go check em' out.
OH, & make really sure to tell her that "Pipsqueak" sent you.

(Chels, that should sooo get me more entries.)