Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st Post!

Hello All,
I have decided to move my blog from Xanga to here. All of my new friends on "The Bump" seem to like this one better, and I don't want to be the oddball. I know, I know, If everyone jumped off a cliff...whatever.
A little info about myself, Pippy is the nickname that my husband gave me & I like it better. DH & I were married on Dec 6th, 2008. He is AMAZING! I have truly been blessed with a wonderful, loving husband that really is my BEST friend. I love our life together & we are so excited about the future.
I'm originally from Georgia but am now officially a Kentucky transplant. DH's family lives here & he now works for his family's car business. We used to travel all over the country training & showing cutting horses full time, but his father is getting older & needed help. So we have settled down & started making a life here at home. We live in an apartment attatched to a barn. We lovingly refer to our little home as "The Mule Barn" so if your wondering in future posts what the heck I'm talking about, it's where I live....and yes it does house mules...not us, but the 4 legged, kicking, braying, wake you up at 2 am kind. So stay tuned because there is always something going on around here & you can experience life from pippy's perspective....

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