Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pulling the Goalie

Well here we are. DH & I have officially "Pulled the Goalie"!

May 2009 is our first month of TTC!

I use that term lightly really because I don't feel like we are actually "trying", more like, "not preventing". I know that not charting my temps, cm, etc is a foreign concept for a lot of people. They would tell me that I'm being silly, stupid or otherwise & that I need to read TCOYF immediately, but we really just want to have fun with this for a while & just see what happens. Then in several months, if nothing happens, we will actually begin "trying".

No offense to any of you that do all of those things, It's just not for me at this point, & this is really the only place I can say that without being "flamed" for it, lol. Luckily, I lurked long enough, that I kept all of this to myself & never made the mistake of saying something that would get me "flamed" on a board.

I thought since I have now officially moved my blog residence, I would catch you up on what has happened so far this month.

I took my last active pill on Sunday May 3rd, AF arrived on Thurs, May 7th & stayed until Wednesday May 13th. All of this is normal for me, however May 18th, I had one episode of very light spotting, just enough to tinge my CM pink. I really didn't think anything of this, knowing that spotting was possible, but then I woke up May 19th to find that AF had arrived again with a vengence. That lasted till the 22nd with spotting(brownish) continuing through Tuesday the 26th. Everything I've read says that usually your period takes forever to come after discontinuing BC & mine was back after 6 days!!!! Talk about bummer!

It was kind of a shock & I was kind of worried at first but I guess it's just my body regulating itself.
After reading all the posts about so many women not having AF for 30,60+ days, I guess I just assumed that it would be that way for me as well. So for AF to come 6 days after my normal period... was just not what I was expecting!

I guess we will find out in a few days if Aunt Flo comes back for another early visit! *crosses fingers & hopes not* That many days of "visiting" is not very conducive for "having fun & seeing what happens" if you know what I mean...*wink*

Bible Verse Of The Day!

"Better to be poor & honest, than to be dishonest & a fool."
Proverbs 19:1, New Living Translation

Pippy's Perspective: Your own integrity is your true wealth, no matter what your bank statement says.

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Bethanie said...

In my opinion, "just having fun" is the best way to go. All the charting, temp. taking, etc. will just drive you crazy, make love-making scentific (not exactly romantic), and stress you out. I'll be praying that your miracle comes quickly! Trust in the Lord's perfect timing. Rely on his perfect will.