Friday, August 21, 2009

Help me out here...

I recently came across a website.
Not just any website, Pre-owned wedding
The ad said "Sell your dress, pocket the cash."
This caused my mind to go in several different places all at the same time & left me sitting here alone & confused.

My first thought: "What a neat idea"

Second: " I would love to have about $500+ in spending money"

Third: "Wait, would you really want to SELL your dress?"

Fourth: "I know it's just hanging in the closet...but get rid of it?"

Fifth: "No, I want to keep it for my children"

Sixth: "Not that they would ever want to wear it, it will likely be stored in an attic somewhere."

Seventh: " I could totally buy my Kitchen-aid mixer & the camera with that kind of money."

Eighth: "Does selling it put some kind of voodoo jinx on me?"

Ninth: " Does even contemplating it put some voodoo jinx on me?"

Tenth: "I'll just keep it...Let my children sell it after I'm dead & they can worry about the voodoo jinx."

So help me out here. How do YOU feel about this?

I mean on one hand there is the sentimental value. I LOVE that dress. Have since the moment I laid eyes on it. It's my wedding dress. Could I ever really part with it? Would I regret it the rest of my life? Would it make me resent the mixer & camera? Childish? maybe. Possible? quite.

On the other hand, there is the extra cash. Which is always nice. I could buy some things that I need/want. It's going to just sit in the closet from now on anyways.

Then there is the voodoo jinx.......positive I don't want to go down that route.

What do you think?
Could you do it?


Anonymous said...

I think the only way I'd sell my dress is if we NEEDED the money. Like we'd lost our jobs and needed to pay our mortgage.

I've preserved mine so that it doesn't yellow. I'm hoping my cousin will want to wear it. It's a beautiful dress and so very special to me.

My mom's dress yellowed so my grandma cut it up and made the white parts into the ring bearer pillow. Very special!

Michele said...

I would totally sell the dress but wouldn't want to buy someone else's dress...I don't think. You're never going to open up the box and look at the dress again. That's what pictures are for! I say go for the kitchen aid! Or go on another VS shopping spree! lol