Monday, August 3, 2009

The Mule Barn Chronicles

So for those of you that have been around for awhile, you know that when I refer to "The Mule Barn" I'm referring to our home.
Our little apartment is in fact, built on the side of a barn.
A barn that is used to house mules.
Nice right?
Yeah I know, but the rent is cheap so I'm not complaining.
There are many pastures split into groups that the mules are rotated into.
It just so happens that last night they were in one right by our bedroom window & the story goes something like this...
About 4 am I wake up to the sound of my dog barking, growling & just having an overall fit in the living room. I get up & peer down the hallway to see what's going on. From our bedroom, I can see a reddish orange glow coming through the blinds on the front window & door. Hurley is in the middle of the room barking at the front of the house.
The reddish orange glow caused one thought to go through my mind.....
I ran to the front door *half dressed of course* to look through the blinds & see if my fears were true. About the time I got to the door I hear....
I jump back. Covering my mouth to keep from screaming. Fire Doesn't Knock!!!
Of course, robbers don't usually knock either, so it was more the shock of being surprised that sent me running to the bedroom with my heart pounding.
By this point James is up.

*I know what you're thinking...why wasn't he the one investigating? I can honestly tell you that I have no idea. I guess I was still asleep enough at that point that I didn't realize that the practical thing to do would be to make him go check it out. But for the record, If I hadn't seen the fire like glow I would have been hiding under the covers. The thought of something burning causes you to do things that you normally wouldn't do.*

Me: *whispers* There's somebody at the door
James: Do what?
Me: There is someone AT the Door!
James: Are you sure?
Me: YES! He knocked when I was about to look for the fire!!

He goes to the door & opens it to see a truck leaving down the driveway but stopping up at the big farmhouse. At this point we both know what's going on.
There is no fire. My imaginary fire was the mysterious knocker's tailights.
Mules are loose.
JK, the guy that owns the barn & the mules lives up at the big farmhouse. The mysterious knocker had been ringing his doorbell. We all grab halters & lead ropes, jump in the truck & head for the last place they were seen.
Which of course was running down the highway. It never fails. Anytime something gets loose. Cows, horses, mules, whatever. They ALWAYS end up on a highway.
We drove around & found all 7 of them. They had split up in 3 different groups. 4 across the road, 2 down another road & one by himself.
The one by himself never left the farm.
After whatever happened causing them to run through the fence scaring the other 6 took off,
Ace the loner, saw it as an oppurtunistic time to run in the hay barn & eat however much he wanted.
Then once he saw all of us outside he came walking back to the barn. I wish they all were like Ace.....
After they were all put up and accounted for we went back to our homes & went back to bed.

I think it's because of nights like this that our rent is cheap.

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RCaitlin said...

Hahaha that's hilarious. I would totally put up with that for cheap rent though!!