Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I have yet to understand.....

There are very few reasons in this world, that make me feel happy that summer is coming to an close. It's a sad time for me.
Because other than Summer & then Fall thru Christmas, I simply have no use the rest of the years weather. I'm very cold natured & hate being cold more than anything else.
For me, the perfect year would be something like this:
Summer Fall Christmas Spring
If the flowers would start blooming again the week after Christmas, that would be fine with me.
Unfortunately for me, that won't be happening this year because of this little guy:

This my dear readers, is a Woollyworm. Or so I'm told.
Apparently up here in Ken-tucky, that's how we tell what the winter's gunna be like 'round these parts.
Black - BAD *should read: Pippy will be very unhappy*
Brown - Mild *much more acceptable to Pippy*
So the above woolyworm is predicting that winter will be bad in the beginning, mild in the middle & then get worse again.
Unfortunately this is not the woolyworm that I found crawling across my porch the other night.
Oh no, that little sucker was solid, pitch, black.

But I digress, there are a few things that I am actually glad about.
For one, I love fall, the sights, smells & fall decor. I also love football season.
This summer however, I have a new reason that I'm happy summer is coming to a close.....

Hopefully after a good freeze, these things will go back where they came from.

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Deals, Steals and Heels said...

that is the scariest bug EVER.