Friday, December 4, 2009

Silly Husband...

I seriously LOL'd at the store today.
Our anniversary is on Sunday.
I really feel sorry for the poor guy. Our Anniversary is on Dec 6th, Christmas is Dec 25th, & His birthday is January 10th.
He grew up getting those Christmas/Birthday presents.
He is also REALLY hard to buy for. He's one of those people that doesn't need much & when he does need something he goes & buys it.
So I have to get creative.
A few weeks ago, we were watching T.V. & a commercial came on for this...

Somehow this Nerf gun hooks up to the Wii & it has a game that goes with it?
Anyways, as soon as he saw it, he looked at me & said "Did you see that? I Want one!!!!" I didn't think much more about it after that.

Then today as I was walking through the store, frustrated & trying to figure out what to get him, I wandered past the videogames & what do I see right there on the shelf?
Nerf N-Strike Elite

Will I get wife of the year?
I'm the only wife he has had this year, I win by default.
I'm so glad we're not polygamists.

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