Friday, December 18, 2009

This is the coolest thing ever

I'm home.
I'm 16 weeks.
& I'm feeling the baby ALL the time.
I love it.

It's so squirmy.
It usually starts in the afternoon around 2pm.
Squirming & kicking, it actually tickles sometimes.

Another cool thing is that when I wake up in the morning, & sometimes when I'm laying down I can kind of press on my belly down low, and I can feel where it is. It will be soft on one side, & hard on the other.
My husband is eating all of this up, he LOVES it. He says that one day he actually felt the kicking that I was feeling. I wondered if that was even possible but my Dr. said yesterday that it definitely was, especially if the baby was pressed up against the front of my stomach.

How far along?: 16 weeks
* Total weight gain: 2 lbs. woo hoo
* How big is baby?: The size of an avacado. About 4 & 3/4 inches
* Sex: We don't know yet, but our BIG u/s is on Jan 13th!
* Maternity clothes?: I'm starting really love the maternity jeans, even a couple tops. Not that I need those yet, I'm just barely showing a bump.
* Stretch marks?: Nope, & I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
* Sleep?: it's much better lately
* Best moment this week? Hearing the heartbeat & scheduling the big u/s!
* Movement?: Yep, not every day but it's pretty frequent.
* Food cravings?: Not really, I'm feeling better, but I get full really quickly. The baby really doesn't like chicken, but loves steak. lol
* Labor signs?: N/A
* Belly button in or out?: In
* What I miss: Eating chicken....& sushi....mmmm
* What I'm looking forward to: The big ultrasound next month & CHRISTMAS!
* Words of Wisdom: Don't ride all the way to Texas in the back seat of the truck while hauling any empty trailer. The road in Arkansas sucks. It will bounce you to death.
* Milestone: We are almost halfway there!

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Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! How cool!

I can't remember I've I've just thought this in my head or if I've told you. In my mind, you baby's name is Pipp Squeak. It just works.