Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DSW Why must you make life so difficult???

I've been looking for some boots. So naturally I surfed my way over to
Below you will see the fantastic ad from the front page.
Boot Shop
Do you see the very cute brown boots right underneath the $75 & arrow?
Yes, I wanted to look at those. I really like those.
Unfortunately when you click to go to that section, those boots are not on any of the 11 pages of boots in the under $75 section.
They are also not in any of the other sections.
So where are they?
That's a very good question.
I asked myself that same question over and over and over again last night.
I just want some cute brown boots.


Amanda Jo said...

That's just not right!! Those are REALLY cute boots! You should call and harrass them about it.

Anonymous said...

You should write them and complain. Mention words like "unprofessional" and "disappointed" and "I'll be sure to blog about this" and see if they offer something.