Thursday, October 15, 2009

For the record...

If my child ever ever hides in a box in the attic, while I am calling for him...for hours & I have to involve the police, army, CNN & their "Balloon experts." He will be in so soooo much trouble it won't even be funny.
His brother would also be in major trouble for co-conspiracy. Telling his mother that he saw his brother get into the balloon? Really? He would be grounded till college...or later.
Oh man.
Talk about 2 little boys that would be in serious trouble.

I know what some of you might be thinking. At least he's safe.
Yes, he's safe & there would have been a window of opportunity for a free pass when I wouldn't have been mad.
Maybe for like 5 minutes. For instance,

Boy 1: "Mom, boy 2 floated away in the weather balloon"
Me:" WHAT????"
Boy 1: "Just kidding, he's hiding in the attic cause he's afraid you''ll be mad he let the balloon go."

See no harm done.

When it comes to this:

There is harm done.
When the police have to be involved, that free pass floats right out the window, flying as high & fast as a weather balloon.


Lyryn said...

OMG... I'm with you. That is crazy!

Michele said...

It's possible that this was a hoax. Turns out this family was on wife swap and they may be looking for some publicity. I watched them chase that balloon on my computer at work and was afraid for that child. If this was indeed a hoax the parents should have to face some serious consequences.