Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My pathetic day before christmas eve confession.

I love buying people gifts. I like to pick out things that mean something. Not just generic gifts.
So far I have awesome gifts for my mother, father, sister, grandmother, & grandfather.

Did you notice an important person missing from that list?
My HUSBAND, maybe?
I only wish that I was kidding. He should be the easiest person to buy for, but alas, that is not the case.
Have you ever met one of those people that doesn't need much & when they do actually need something, they just go out that day & buy it for themselves?
He'e one of those.
It's incredibly frustrating. So for the past 2 months I have been pestering him about what he wants for Christmas. He gave me 2 things he wanted, which would lead you to believe that I had choices, correct?
He asked for: 1.) The horse that won the 3yr old cutting world championship this year.

(HA Right?)

& 2.) Cabela's Big Game Hunter for Wii

Guess which one my mom already bought for him?
If you guessed the horse, you are incorrect.

(For the record, the horse isn't for sale, and even if it was it would still not be purchasable by us. The whole "current world champion" thing adds a higher price tag obviously, but then add the fact that he is currently owned by Alice Walton. One of the top 5 richest women in the United States, Heir to the Walmart fortune, Sam Walton's daughter.
Yeah, she ain't selling & I'd hate to know what she would ask for him.)

So you see, what appeared to be 2 choices, ended up being zero.
Which led me to plan B. Things he had mentioned wanting but couldn't find in stores around where we live.

A trigger stick for his gun...

& A safety harness for when he is up in his deer stand.

Score right? I can order online.
Wrong again.
You remember that little trip to Texas that we went on? There just happened to be a freaking huge Cabelas sporting goods store right down the road from our hotel.
Guess what he bought for himself?
If you guessed both, you are correct.
::cue hormonal crying::

So that leaves me presentless for my husband. Which in turn, makes me feel pretty pathetic, even though it's most definitely his fault.

I'm welcome to any & all ideas, because at this rate, he will be getting switches & lumps of coal from me.


Anonymous said...

Hey, cheer up. You got him that sweet Nerf gun. Remember? :)

Candace said...

Merry Christmas!!!