Monday, January 25, 2010

The answers to your questions!

Good morning!
I hope y'all had a good weekend!
I did except for lack of sleep.
Baby Pippy has decided that night time is the best time for extreme acrobatics.
Which is fun, but it wakes me up...& keeps me that way.

Okay so, you guys had some questions, & how I have some answers! Ready?

#1 Michele from "My Italian Grandmother" said "I had no idea you could blog using a Wii! How does that work?"

A: This was actually a new discovery for me last week because I had no idea I could surf the internet on that thing. It's pretty cool! The back of the Wii has a place where you can hook up an phone line. We actually have wireless internet in our house, so I'm not sure how you hook the phone line up, but however you connect, you just go to the settings on the Wii & go to the internet setting. After you hook it up, you can now access the Wii shop channel. It's on the Wii startup menu when you first turn it on. From there, you can download the Internet Channel, it's free. Then presto! You now have a internet browser on your Wii. You can use it just like the one on your computer! Enjoy!

#2 Kelsey from "The Richey's from BG" asked "Do you ride horses? Did you ride when Mr. Pippy trained horses. Where did you live?

A: Yep! I've ridden since I was a kid. He was training cutting horses in Georgia (where I'm from), I actually took him a horse to train for me, that's how we met! We traveled all over the USA going to shows, Mr. Pippy was very good! I didn't show as much as He did, I was usually too busy helping him or our customers but I got 4th at the All American Quarter Horse Congress one year!

We stayed in Georgia for awhile before moving to western Kentucky. His family is in the car business here & his dad wanted to retire so he moved home to run the family business. Now our horses are just a hobby instead of our jobs, but we still really enjoy them!

#3 Chelsea from "Roots & Rings" wanted to know where our crib is from & some Nursery details!

A: The Crib is from JCPenney! It got here the other day, however I haven't set it up yet. I promise I will post pictures as soon as we do. I have all kinds of Nursery details for you guys, but I feel like it deserves it's own seperate post with lots of pictures. So I promise I will post that this week, maybe even tomorrow! Fair enough?

#4 Haley from "Deals, Steals & Heels" didn't really ask a question, but this is for you Haley!

It's Baby Pipsqueak's very first swimsuit!!! I fell in LOVE & had to have it. I also wanted to be the one to buy her first swimsuit. That makes it even more special to me.

Which brings us to our last question...

#5 Candace from "Mrs. Southern Belle" wanted to know our top name picks for Baby Pippy.

I love calling her Pipsqueak as her nickname, but she does in fact, have a real name that was picked out just for her.

While Mr. Pippy & I did all that traveling all over the country that I mentioned earlier, we had loads of time to talk about anything & everything. So we had already discussed what names we liked & didn't like before we even got pregnant.

We knew all along that if we were ever blessed with a little girl that we would name her...

Riley Elizabeth

: )

Happy Monday everyone!


Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE her baby swimsuit!!

Candace said...

That swim suit is PRECIOUS!