Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nursery Ideas

You asked for our nursery ideas...

Well that story begins a little over a year ago.

My super sweet husband goes to Big Lots sometimes to buy things for work. One day while he was there, he walked past a bin of miscellaneous blankets.
I'm always cold, so he stopped to look & see what was in there.
While he was looking, he came across a pack of receiving blankets.

I'm pretty sure he was sold the minute he saw the words "Bandana Bear" but when he saw the pattern, he was for sure bringing them home.

So that afternoon, he brings them home to me.
He says "I know we haven't even started trying to have a baby yet, but I saw these at the store & I wanted us to have them for when the time comes. There's a whole nursery set that matches it."
He pointed to the picture of a nursery on the pack of blankets.

The picture on the pack looks like this.

He went on to say that he really liked it, & wanted me to try to find it, "for you know, when the time comes."

Naturally, the whole thing, made my female heart melt.
I was concerned by one thing though.
He found the blankets at Big Lots, which is overstock or things that are left over from discontinued lines.
As it turns out, the line had indeed been discontinued.

That made it a challenge, but after several months, I came across a listing for the complete set.
A lady had listed it on Craig's List. I contacted her & she told me that her parents had a cabin on a lake & they had made a nursery for her daughter there. However, they only went a few times, & the set had been slept in about 3 times.
I was a little hesitant but she was only asking $35, so I figured "Why not?" I was willing to take a chance for that.
It came in a big box, & I was oh so pleasantly surprised when I opened it.
It had been listed as a 4 piece set, Blanket, bumper, sheet & decorative head board piece.
The blanket looks like this

What was in that box was so much more than a 4 piece set.

Not only was the blanket, bumper, sheet & headpiece in there, but she had thrown in the mobile, lamp, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, & 5 extra sheets!!!
I was so excited & my husband?
Well, I knew from the look on his face when he picked the blanket up that it was the best $35 I had ever spent.

Just having him pick it out himself made it worth the hassle of trying to find it.

So that bedding will go in this crib from JCPenney.
In Cherry, not white.

I'm not 100% sure on the rest, but I really like the look of the vinyl trees & branches.
I'm considering this branch to go on a wall in the nursery to bring out some of the blue & green in the bedding.

& maybe one of these in a different color, saying "Riley" over the crib.

A lot of it will just depend on what color I end up painting the nursery.
That's about all I have right now.

If you have any ideas for me, let me know! I would love to have your input or design ideas!


Kelsey712 said...

OMG!!! Love it! And what a steal!

BTW: My parents are from a little town north of Madisonville called Hanson. I definitely grew up a Western KY girl.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

love the bandana bear!!!