Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I messed up...HELP : )

I sent my laptop out of town with my husband!
So now I'm stuck blogging from either my iPhone or the Wii. Neither one is easy. So here's what I need from you guys, #1 I need questions. Anything you want to know about yours truly, & #2 check out some of the awesome blogs listed on the left and tell me what your favorite one is! They are all fantastic so you really can't go wrong.
And since we're blog hopping, maybe share some of your favorites with me? I'm gonna need some reading material till Mr. Pippy gets home!

That is your assignment, should you choose to accept it.
You have untill tomorrow night!

Annnnd go!!!


Michele said...

Hi Pippy! I'm fairly new to reading your blog. Feel free to check out mine if you're bored. I have a pretty lengthy list of blogs on the top of my page under "blogs I love". If you like cooking you can check out i've spent many days there passing the time, especially in the forums.

I had no idea you could blog from the wii. How does that work?

Kelsey712 said...

Ok, you're question to me said that your husband had been a cutting horse trainer, so now my question is: Do you ride? Did you ride when he trained? Where did you all live when he trained?

And, I don't know if you'll want to answer this or not, but are you from Kentucky?