Monday, January 11, 2010

I forgot to show you guys something!

In all the excitement of the holidays, I forgot to tell you "The Crib Story".
It's a long story, one with lots of emotions & frustrations, one that ultimately ends with me finding out that someone had bought us a crib as a surprise*.

We greatly appreciated the gesture, however there were some design elements that didn't quite work for me, so we returned it**, & exchanged it for this!

(Except in Cherry, not White.)
Like this!

I really like how it sweeps down in the front, I'm not very tall & thought that it would be easier to bend over to pick the baby up.
I also really like the trundle drawer underneath. The nursery is kinda small, so extra storage is always a good thing!
It's also a conversion bed that becomes a toddler bed, & then a full sized bed.

As soon as it gets here & we get it set up, I will definitely post more pics!

*Surprise as in totally unexpected with no previous mention whatsoever.

**Word to the wise, when "surprising" someone with furniture, or something they would have a hard time picking out themselves, always check the return policy.

***If you want the full story, you can shoot me an e-mail***


Miss Maggie said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog and the crib is so adorable.

Candace said...

Love the crib! It is tricky to buy someone furniture because it is something that you use for a long time, and people have such distinct tastes. Glad that you got something you are happy with! When is the big day??

Anonymous said...

I love it girl!! Where did you end up finding it? I'm excited to see how you plan to decorate the nursery!