Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Oh my goodness y'all,
I am 20 WEEKS pregnant today.
Holy Cow, that is halfway! It sooo doesn't seem like it has been that long, & with this weather, May/June seems so very far away.

Tomorrow is the big ultrasound! I am so excited to see our little baby again. The last time that we saw our baby, it looked like this:

I can't wait to see how much Pip has grown! With all the jumping & dancing that I have been feeling, I'm sure that it's quite a bit!

It's been a while since I've answered the weekly questions but in honor of week 20, here they are!

* How far along?: 20 weeks!
* Total weight gain: At my appointment in December it was 3lbs. I don't keep a scale in my house because "Scales are da debil."
* How big is baby?: Head to Rump about 6.5 inches!
* Sex: sometimes lol j/k *see weekly wisdom* We find out tomorrow!!! I hope! Pip, you're grounded for life if you don't show us the goods!
* Maternity clothes?: Yes & No, My shirts are still pretty good, but not great. I'm loving the maternity pants except for the tighter band that keeps them from falling down is right across where the baby hangs out, so it's uncomfortable sometimes.
* Stretch marks?: None yet & I have been pretty awful about not using my lotion, I better start making a better habit.
* Sleep?: not too bad, still waking up about 2 times to use the restroom.
* Best moment this week? Knowing the ultrasound is finally almost here.
* Movement?: Oh my goodness, yes. Pip wants to be the kicker for UGA, Do somersaults with the cheerleaders & swim on the synchronized swimming team.
* Food cravings?: Nah, not really. The whole pickles & ice cream thing never happened for me.
* Labor signs?: No, & they need to stay away for a long long time.
* Belly button in or out?: In
* What I miss: Honestly? Not a whole lot, yeah I'd love some Sushi but I'm really enjoying this part of being pregnant so I don't miss a whole lot.
* What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow!
* Words of Wisdom: You're not going to "hurt" the baby during *ahem* marital relations. However, just because you know that you're not, doesn't keep you from worrying about it. all.the.time. lol
* Milestone: 20 weeks! We're halfway there!

So I don't guess I have to tell you, but check in tomorrow!!! Our appointment is at 9 cst!


Kristin said...

Have fun!!! thats awesome! i hope your baby cooperates!!! s/he is going to seem huge compared to your last ultrasound!!

Unknown said...

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Lyryn said...

Yay! How exciting! I'm 18 weeks tomorrow! Life is so cool!