Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Err...okay...AF is that you?

So you know how I said I was spotting on sunday? Well that's still happening, but that's all it is, no red blood, just brown discharge, so I dunno what's going on. I guess it it possible that it is implantation bleeding, it started 6 days after the possible O maybe? I'm really not sure, cause I have very minimal cramping, hardly noticeable, more like gas pains really. If it isn't though, I'm lost on when the first day of this cycle would be, since it is normally the first day of red blood, you can see my predicament...

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Bethanie said...

Birth control has such a major effect on a woman's body. I would say its going to take a while before you're body starts acting as it should. My advise is to start keeping track of your ovulation once your body stops doing the abnormal stuff. Once your having normal regular cycles then you can be more aware of what your body is doing. There are usually natural signs of ovulation. Sometimes a slight pain in one side or the other. Usually women have a clear discharge also, but its so slight that they don't notice unless they are really intune with their body.
Just have fun with ttc.