Monday, June 22, 2009

My DH is Amazing!!

I went ahead & POAS Sunday morning. BFN of course. I really wasn't expecting it to be anything other than negative anyways, it was just a "what if" kind of thing, with it being Father's day & everything. I decided not to tell James, I didn't want him to be disapointed even though he knew it was a stretch to begin with. So we went to church & to his parent's house for lunch, then headed out to the lake. When we got out there on the boat, he said" So I'm assuming that you took the test & it was negative. I know you would have told me if it had been positive, & I also know that you woldn't have just "forgotten" to take it, lol" I said yes & that the only reason I hadn't said anything was because I didn't want to dissapoint him first thing this morning. He said to me " Baby, you haven't dissapointed me one time, the whole time we've been married. A little test isn't going to change that."
He is wonderful...I am truly blessed.

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