Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Recap: Great Sermon & A Shopping Spree!!!!

The graduation was good....but long...very long!
I know the Class of '09 was so ready to be done....I know I was.
One question though...When did it become customary to have 12 speeches in one graduation??? There were 5 Valedictorians & 7 Salutatorians, is this normal? We had ONE class valedictorian, who gave one speech. Def. Not 12....but anyways.....

After graduation we went to the lake & stayed in the camper with Tiny & Mc. The boys got up & went fishing early, like 5 am. Mc & I definitely slept in. : ) They had to leave to go to a Soccer banquet and the crazy woman who own the campground won't allow people to be at the camper unless the "Original" renters are on the dumb, they were coming back! So we packed up & went fishing the rest of the day. Ordered pizza & crashed on the couch. We watched the new Angelina Jolie movie "Wanted"...It was pretty strange & had more offensive language in it than I felt comfortable with. Oh well.

Sunday was awesome! Our pastor continued with his series on the family & today was the wives turn. He made a lot of good points about our responsibilities as wives & what our husbands desperately need from us....respect! He pointed out in Ephesians 5:22-33 where it says that Husbands are to love their wives as they would their own body, & that women were to respect their husbands. Yet sometimes, we like to think that their love should be unconditional towards us, but we don't have to respect them if they don't deserve it or have earned it. When in reality it's not conditional, just as their love for us shouldn't be. There was a ton more & if any of you would like to hear more about it, I can definitely send you my sermon notes! It really was great!

After Church, DH took me shopping! I love him!!!! Atm, Mc & Tiny all came with us too. Atm is one of my very best friends, her Dh, (we'll call him Scout) is out of town a lot for work.
James started this new thing that we do now, which I find really cool. We walk through a store & I pick out a bunch of stuff that I like & he walks around & picks out a bunch of stuff that he likes or thinks would look good on me as well. We go in the dressing room & I then have to try everything on, without looking at the price tag! Then whatever we decide that we like, he goes & pays for. This is absolutely awesome for me, because I love to shop, but hate spending money! I seriously can talk myself out of something I really need, just because I think I might could find something cheaper. He knows that about me & this way I have no guilt whatsoever, have the clothes I need & he never complains about how much it cost because not only was he involved in the picking out process, he was the one that bought it all...It's a-ma-zing!!! I will post pics of all my new goodies later!

We had our Monthly Church Community Connection last night at the park & it was so much fun! We grilled & had a great time. Afterwards Atm & Scout came over & the boys played the wii, while Atm & I picked out hairstyles, cause she was going to get her hair done today!
We had a pretty awesome weekend. I love my life!

Bible Verse Of The Day!
However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.
Eph. 5:33

Pippy's Perspective: We should respect our husbands, not for what they do for us, but because of what they are to us. They are the head & we are the body. God didn't call us to be equal parts, he told us to be one with each other. We should try to be the best example of Christ & the Chruch that we can be!

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Bethanie said...

Thanks for your comment and being a follower!
I've really enjoyed looking over your blog. I love how you and your husband shop. That sounds like a bunch of fun. I totally agree with your comments on marriage.