Monday, June 29, 2009

In Georgia!

We came home for a week this time!!!! I will not be returning to Kentucky till Monday...wooohoo!
I forgot my 30 day shred so, I'll have to resume that next week, but my sister brought some of her workout videos so I'm going to try to workout everyday still. That coupled with the swimming I'll be doing I should be in good shape.
I am so excited to be here. I absolutely love coming here. My grandparents have a house on the lake here & I spent practically all summer every summer growing up here. We fished, & swam, tubed & skied, ran & played, & my grandmother is the most amazing cook.(thus the reason I have to work out while here.)
I was truly blessed to have grown up here with such a wonderful family.
Here's a little background: My grandparents spent years looking for a house on the lake, but never bought anything. Nothing was what they wanted. 7 days after I was born, they had purchased this place. lol. All of my grandparents friends tease them saying if I had never been born, they would still be looking.
I have an amazing relationship with both of them, but my grandaddy & I are super close. We always have been, from the day I was born. There was a time when I was an infant that he was the only one that I would pay any attention to. My mom thought I was deaf, or at least could only hear deep voices, because I ignored everyone but him. The Dr.'s told her that I had formed a "love bond" with him & basically I tuned everyone else out. I know mom had to be jealous, but it really ended up being a good thing. My dad left when I was 1, but growing up I still had a wonderful male example & the one man I truly loved. I have really always felt the closeness to him that I would imagine someone would feel towards their father.
So anyways, long story short, it's good to be home!


Candace said...

Welcome Back! What lake?!

RCaitlin said...

That sounds like so much fun! Cute story about your grandad :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Have fun.

You "forgot" your shred dvd... righhhhht!! :)

Pippy said...

lol I did really, I totally had it laying on the coffee table to pack. Oh well. : )