Thursday, July 23, 2009


So Pioneer Woman is doing another giveaway.
Another Red Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer Giveaway no less.
All you have to do is comment.
I happen to be comment #11,383.
Did you catch that?
#Eleven THOUSAND three hundred and eighty three.
I commented for the sheer enjoyment of finding out how many comments there were. However I wasn't quite expecting that number. I also do not expect to win. I doubt they sold that many lottery tickets in the entire state of Kentucky today. In which case my odds are better of winning the lottery than winning a PW giveaway. Now that is sad.
*edited to add that at 7:30 central time there are now well over 16 thousand wow*
If I could get 11,383 comments on my blog in one day, I would giveaway a mixer too....

This item is on my wish list of things I will probably never buy for myself. Right up there with a Nikon D40 6.1 Megapixel Camera.
I wish that I would buy them for myself but it probably won't happen, with me being as frugal as I am.
It's kind of sad really.
I can talk myself out of buying anything.
Even if it's something I actually need.
Not that I need a pretty red artisan stand mixer, or a fancy new camera. I just want them. Especially the camera...& well the mixer...see my problem? I wouldn't even know how to choose!
However I do need my husband to install my dishwasher. The problem with making homemade blackberry cobblers is there is quite a bit of cleanup involved afterward and with no dishwasher, well, that tends to put a damper on my desire to cook....


Anonymous said...

Winners were released. Neither of us won. Unless you're real name is Velvet Brick and Pippy is just a stage name. Oh, what?! Pippy IS a stage name. Hmm.. Well... interesting.

I'm SO with you. Living a poor life is rough! My husband fixed my washing machine last night. Life is glorious!

Pippy said...

Alas, no I don't go by Velvet Brick.... which was funny when I read it, but I felt even funnier typing it.
Congrats on the fixed washing machine, dishes are bad enough, but I would hate having to wash clothes by hand!