Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Dress Friday!

Mrs. Southern Belle & some of her friends are doing "Wedding Dress Friday" today, & because I'm a copycat....I mean because I like to participate I decided to do one as well. Plus I love wedding pictures.
"The Dress" story at the end of this post.

Okay so this one is not as much about the dress as it is the shoes....but omg how I love these shoes.

The bouquet was heavy...not really, my photographer was admiring my muscles so I was being goofy. Which is a pretty regular occurance for me.

I liked the detail on the front of the dress so much!

The back had a pretty sash that came down the middle

I loved how it flowed out behind me & kind of rippled across the floor.

Basically I loved it. Still do.
Anyways the story behind it goes something like this.
I had found this dress online & knew instantly that I had to try it on. So I got the style number & started calling around. Only to find out that the closest I was going to get to a #2 was the number #24. Sorry, that won't fit. So what do I do?
The same thing all other well trained southern girls do.....
I called my momma.
She started calling all the stores around the Atlanta area, she found a size 18.....yeah still no good.
She literally called every state south of Kentucky & east of Loiusiana, with no luck. She had the stores call the warehouse, but even they said they didn't have anything smaller than a 16.
At this point, my dreams of trying this dress on are starting to dissapate. That's when I get a call from a guy in Mississippi that says the warehouse has a 2.
Mom thinks about this for a minute & calls a liscensed retailer between Ga & Ky & says: "Does Alfred Angelo have more than one warehouse in the southeast?" The lady says no, & proceeds to tell her which states are supplied by this warehouse. Mississippi being one of them. So mom continues "Then how come a guy in Mississippi says the wearhouse can get me a 2, but you said that the smallest they had was a 16?" They lady called the warehouse back, & what do you know?
They have a 2 afterall. All by it's lonesome.
Nobody could find it cause it's the one the model wore for the photoshoot & was in a different part of the warehouse.
Or at least that's what they told me anyways, & I'm going to choose to believe it cause it sounds cooler.
That was a Tuesday. She had it in her shop ready for me to try on first thing that Friday morning.
It fit like a glove, needed no alterations to the hemline. It was love at first sight.
There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I had found
"The Dress"

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