Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everybody!
I know Monday's generally suck, so I thought that I would share a couple things that made me happy this weekend to lighten the mood. Plus it gives me something to blog about since I'm lacking inspiration today & blog posts make me happy.

#1 - I love things on Clearance! When my husband & I went to register at Babies R Us at Christmas, we found the travel system that we wanted but they were sadly out of stock. I've since been to 2 more Babies R Us & they have also been out of stock. When we were at the one closest to our house, my husband asked if we could just buy the floor model & they told us no, they don't sell their floor models & the soonest they would be able to get us one was April. I've looked online, everywhere. It was looking like it was definitely going to be April before we had a chance....
Then yesterday I got a flyer in the newspaper saying Babies R Us was having a big diaper sale so hubby & I decided to run by there after church.
You wanna know what I saw right when we walked in the front door?
Our travel system, on clearance! They decided to sell the floor model after all & it was $70 cheaper than the list price!!!
Talk about perfect timing, I was SO excited.

#2 - I love flipping through the radio stations & listening to my husband sing. The man can really sing when he wants to, & I love that, but what really makes me happy is when he's just playing around. He tried to sing "Ring of Fire" just like Johnny Cash, he created new words to multiple songs, & you get the idea.
For instance, the song that says "I may hate myself in the morning, but I'm going to love you tonight" is now "I may hate myself in the morning, but I'm gonna put it on you tonight" among other things.
*sigh* He'll never grow up, but oh, he makes me laugh.

#3 - I don't watch award shows...gasp, I know. They have just never interested me that much. However, I LOVE the morning after award shows. Yahoo has all the red carpet pictures right there for me to look through as I eat breakfast.
They give me things like this.....


And This....

And honestly, I have NO idea what this is...

But it's a hot mess, whatever it is...

And I'll admit, it makes me a little happy.
I love a good giggle in the morning.

What made you happy this weekend?


Kristin said...

yay for getting a good deal on your travel system! which one did you choose?! we got our stroller for 50% off as well! Im watching for them to put the car seat we want on 50% off! :)

*Trisha* said...

I'm the same way! I never watch the award shows, but I like to watch all of the dresses on the red carpet before hand and the recaps the next day that make it onto the best and worst dressed :))