Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Thin Mint Crisis

I was never a huge myspace person. I just never "got" it, but facebook on the other hand?
Love it!
How awesome is it to be able to keep in contact with all of your friends even though you don't have the hours to spend on the phone like you did in high school?
Anyways, Sunday night I mentioned that I hadn't seen any girl scouts selling cookies this year in my status & that I needed to buy some Thin mints.
Almost immediately someone commented saying that I better hurry because cookie season was almost over.

*cue panic attack*

Yall don't understand my need for these cookies. We go WAY back.
Ever since I was little, my mom would buy everyone in our family their own box of cookies, and you didn't have to share your box with anyone, it was all yours...

That is until your dad and little sister ate all of their box and would sneak cookies from your box.

They were Thin Mint hogs.
Scarfing down their box and then hunting for mine.
So, in an effort to save my cookies, I realized that I could hide mine and eat a couple when no one was around to see the evidence.
After trying several different hiding places, I decided to disguise them and hide them in the freezer.
Let me just say, if you have never had a frozen thin are seriously missing out.
All of this hiding and waiting taught me something though. You can make a box of cookies last a long long time.
2 boxes? Well, that can last you till the Girl Scouts come around again.
And that my friends, is what I've done.
I've bought 2-3 boxes every year, put them in my freezer and taken a couple out when I'm having a bad day. Never any more than 2-3, about once a week.
They are my bad day treat.

So, as you can imagine I was just a little upset when I was told that cookie season was almost over and I haven't re-stocked my supply!
A whole year without my cookies?
I mean, I'm fixing to have a baby.
I know that I will need my bad day treat, probably even more than usual.

My seriously awesome husband noticed my distress and made this his status message on facebook: "Mr Pippy: if anybody in facebook land can hook me up with some girl scout cookies (thin mints) for my pregnant wife I would be very grateful. She heard they were almost through selling them and is greatly distraught. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated and will be highly rewarded!!!!!! Thank You"

The man cracks me up.
But it worked!
He brought home 6 boxes the very next day.
I was shocked when I saw how many he had bought, but he just looked at me, smiled and said "This was all she had left, and I wanted to make sure my girls didn't run out."

I love that man.

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Kelsey712 said...

so far today I have eaten 5 samoas and 3 thin mints. I absolutely have a problem. I have got to get these darn things off my freaking desk!

Needless to say, I completely feel your pain!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

omg, that is so sweet!!!!! glad you got your tagalongs are still staring at me.

Kristin said...

i had never had girl scout cookies until this year. i didn't place an order and now i'm kicking myself for it. those thin mints are AMAZING!

Bayleigh said...

I saw this at a link up party, so I thought I would pass it along. (For when you run out!)

Sarah Cook said...

Suh-weet! My husband ate all of my Samoas the other day. I will definitely have to stock up on some Thin Mints and try the freezer trick. I was a GS forever and told people they freeze well, but have never had them last that long!

Sarah Cook said...

I mean that they were always eaten so fast, they didn't even make it to the freezer!

Jill said...

haha I never was a huge girl scout cookie fan.

Your husband sounds like a catch!