Friday, February 26, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday!

My friend Chelsea @ Roots and Rings has been participating in "7 Quick Takes" for awhile now and I have always really enjoyed reading them. I've wanted to participate before now, but never really felt like I could come up with seven things all at once. I mean, sometimes just coming up with one thing to blog about each day is tough enough.
So for the past few weeks, I have been keeping a list in my handy dandy iPhone.
Anytime something funny, remarkable, thought provoking, or even something boring that I want to remember happens, I write it in my notes.

So after a week of note-taking, I give you my very first "7 Quick Takes"!

#1 - I have BIG news to announce on Monday. We're talking huge. I am so very excited about it, be sure to tune in Monday for the big announcement! You don't want to miss this! (Yes, I am pregnant but you already knew that so no, that's not it. And for the record, no I'm not having twins. Quick take #7 will be your only hint, so keep reading!)

#2 - I always leave my phone out of reach. After 5 mad dashes to find the cordless phone in a week, I should have learned my lesson, but no.

#3- I know that I have already bragged on my husband once this week, but seriously y'all, the man is amazing. I literally fall more in love with him everyday. He has made this pregnancy so easy for me. He's been patient with my crazy emotional mood swings, he's been understanding when we go out to eat and suddenly I can't eat any of the food I just ordered, He's made me feel beautiful in maternity clothes that are most definitely not, and he finds new ways all the time to show me how much he loves me and the baby. Some without even realizing that he's done it.
For example, he loves to go fishing. I grew up spending the summers at my grandparents lake house and I love fishing too, so we have really enjoyed the time we spend going together. Last summer, we bought a bass boat. He loves this boat, it's fast and maneuverable, just what he always wanted.
Do you know what he did? He SOLD it, and bought a Pontoon!
Girls, that is the equivalent of a selling your sports car to buy a minivan. I never asked him to sell it, it never even crossed my mind. For him though, this was something that had to be done, because everyone knows you can't take a baby on a bass boat. A pontoon has shade, and a nice tall railing, perfect for babies and toddlers, and as he said, " Anyways, why would I want to go fishing if I can't take both my girls with me?"
Riley may not know it yet, but she has her daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny finger, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

#4 - In pregnancy news, we are 26 weeks & 3 days today! woohoo! Riley had the hiccups for the first time last night and it was so cute. You know how when you get the hiccups, it kind of makes your head bounce a little? She has been head down the whole time, so last night every time she would hiccup, I would feel a little thump way down low. They were suprisingly fast too, only about 2-3 seconds between each little jump.

#5- I love consignment store shopping! I went on Wednesday and found all kinds of cute stuff but only spent $20! My 2 favorite finds were an old coke crate & a blanket that was the same as the one that was in my crib when I was a baby! I loved that blanket & took it everywhere with me until I was about 5, I still have it but it's pretty torn up from all the love it recieved. I was so excited to find one just like it for my little girl, maybe she will love hers like I loved mine.
What are the odds of me finding that though really? I mean it has to be about 23-25 years old, & is still in perfect condition, besides being a little faded from age, plus it ended up costing a whopping $2.50.

#6 - While I was out driving around one day, I saw a house that someone had turned into a store and out on the front porch they had what appeared to be a rack full of baby clothes with a big sign that said "SALE". I excitedly pulled in, & was admiring a little dress on the front of the rack, it was white tank-top style dress with big red polka dots. Polka-dots are my weakness, I love them. I glanced at the tag to check the size......
it said "Pampered Paws ~ Canine Coture'.
Needless to say, my cheeks were as red as the big polka dots when the lady came outside to ask if I needed any help.

#7 - I am so ready for spring! The winter blues are here and I'm ready for some sunshine, warmth & prettiness. So I need a little help from you! What little things cheer you up? New nailpolish? Fun Stationary? Easter Candy? Leave a comment letting me know!
*I should have clarified that I'm asking about small purchasable items, not things like sunshine & heat*

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

HEAT. Heat cheers me up! Being hot at the beach! I'm sooo ready for it!

bswhit said...

Phone calls from my boys cheer me up. Finding a really good book, cheers me up. Watching the trees become green, flowers starting to bloom....SPRING....always cheers me up after the greys of winter.

Candace said...

LOVE your new blog design!!!!!!