Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Maternity Store Saleswomen,

I am writing you to say that hovering around me like a persistent little fly at a picnic, does not make me want to purchase more clothes. In fact, It makes me want to drop everything I'm holding in the middle of the store & run out into the mall. And let's face it, at almost 8 months pregnant, nobody wants to see me do that. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure running would be impossible, I imagine it would look something similar to a penguin trying to run. Not pretty.

Being with child does not make me incapable of buying clothes. I do not need you to tap on my dressing room curtain every 25 seconds and ask if everything is okay, if I need any help, or if you can take anything back for me. I brought my husband, he can go exchange sizes as good as anybody else. He can also tell you to go buzz off, which I assure you, he was only seconds away from doing based on his exasperated expression every time you would come by.

But if you absolutely can't refrain from asking me if you can take the things that I want to purchase to the register, then for crying out loud, make sure it's at the register when I get there. Because getting home from the mall that is 45 minutes away only to realize that the super cute black shirt that I loved and wanted to put on before going back to church ISN'T IN THE BAG causes irrational pregnant lady crying spells. Now not only do I not have the shirt, but I have to drive all the way there and come deal with you again, just to get it.

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Kristin said...

Oooooo I would Be sooo mad!!

Kelsey712 said...

oh gosh! what a mess!

Ashley Pepitone said...

I can't believe you didn't yell. I'm gonna be so mean when I'm preggers. I'm not yet, and I can tell you right now I would have ripped her a new one. Grrr...

Anywaaaay, I tagged you today, come see come see!

Unknown said...

Holy crap. We had the same experience. Where was this? The lady was extremely helpful and when I say extremely, it's the same level as when I say hell is extremely hot.

Then she tried to get us to sign up for a raffle. My wife politely declines. She prodded more, so finally my wife said, "Okay... Okay... I'll do it." This led to the girl's first question to sign up for the raffle, "Great... okay... what's your social security number?" ::sound of screeching record::

We didn't sign up for the raffle. Nuts.

The Pink Blogger said...

oh my! I would have been tempted to drop everything and run out the store too! I hate pushy sales people. And I'm sure I also would have had a melt down. I hope you get your cute black shirt!

Denise Marie said...

Girl, at least hubby was there and you didn't have to drive that angry. These days you get NO help or peeps that treat you like you are shop lifting in there.

Are we gonna have a reveal party for our Swap on 4/4?