Friday, March 26, 2010

If you're going to be a tattle-tail, make sure you have the right address...

1.) I was talking to my mom yesterday & she walked outside to get her mail. Right afterward, she said "What is this & who are these people?"
I had no idea what she was talking about and she starts saying that she got an envelope in the mail & it has all these pictures in it of people that she doesn't know.
She proceeds to find a little piece of paper that has something typed in itty bitty font, it reads:
"Dear Mrs. XX, Just thought you might like to have these pictures of your husband and Julia. They were taken during their hot steamy affair, after Julia divorced Michael. Some were taken in the Charleston/Savannah area, where they met for several weekend trips. Julia now has a lesbian girlfriend living with her. You know she is nothing but a slut, don't you?...."

Obviously the man in the pictures was not my dad, so mom was laughing by the time she got done reading the note. I asked her if there was a return address & she gave it to me.
I googled it and guess who's name came up? Julia!!
So apparently, whoever actually mailed the pictures, was really trying to get Julia in trouble, by using her address as the return address. sneaky, sneaky.

I have no idea who Julia is but she has made someone very upset with her about

The really odd part was, she said that the pictures definitely don't yell "hot steamy affair". Some of them were just the man by himself, walking down stairs outside, ect. Some were of a woman (julia?) by herself. There were a few of them together but they weren't touching each other in any way in any of them.

I just wonder how many of these letters got mailed out?

2.) I'm now 100% converted to a twitter fan. The biggest reason why being that it's like a facebook status without the need for censoring. Now, yall know me well enough to know that I very rarely use foul language, but that's not the censoring I'm talking about. I'm talking about having to contemplate what is now an acceptable status because of the backlash you can now receive on facebook.
Having a bad day? Can't write about that, because Grandma Margret will call your mom 'worried' about you.
Exhausted, sore, tired ect? Better not write that or you get, "Just wait till the baby gets here, you'll never get to sleep. You'll be sore all the time, your life will be AWFUL." Seriously, thanks for the support people. Who needs enemies, right?
Do something stupid? You don't want to go there, because we all have that one friend that is ready to rub your nose in all your mistakes & tease you about it forever.
Going home to see your family? That's out, cause there's that one person that you haven't seen since middle school, that you weren't even very close friends with to start with, that leaves those comments saying, " OMG We should totally hang out!!!".

Not a problem on Twitter. That's why I'm a fan.

3.) 2010 Census commercials are annoying. :sings: "We can't go forward, until you mail it back."
I mailed it back, so you can start moving on forward now...

4.) Oh and another thing about facebook. I received a fan page request this week. Someone made a facebook page for their unborn child & "suggested I become a fan."
I hate to break it to everyone but I will not be making a fan page for Pipsqueak. I know you're incredibly disappointed.

5.) It wouldn't be a true "7 quick takes by Pippy" if there wasn't a story about my awesome & incredibly funny husband somewhere in here. He's been out of town all week and one night when I was talking to him on the phone, & he mentioned how tired he was, then he said "It's worth it though, I'm doing all this and working hard now, so that when we're old, we don't have to sit around eating beanie-weenies until we die."
I'm so glad he's thinking about our retirement. lol

6.) If your dog literally 'leaps' off his bed and runs to the front door when you put your jeans on, you are probably spending far too much time in athletic pants...not that it happened to me or anything.

7.) Our pastor recently went on a mission trip to Brazil, on Sunday night, he showed this picture that he took while he was in the plane. He said that they had come through a really bad storm and the pilot increased their altitude to get them above the clouds. The picture was so cool because you could see the dark stormy clouds below the plane, but above them, blue skies & sunshine. He said:

"Never forget, even when you feel like you are going through the worst storm you have ever encountered, the sun is always shining above the clouds."

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All Things Cherish said...

That Julia/Affair thing is just hilarious! Hope you have a good weekend!

Linda said...

true love :) working to protect your bride from a future of beanie weanies..

Kristin said...

lolol tooo funny about the pictures! I would have loved getting that in the mail (not for me of course) haha