Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Y'all need to find a cracker barrel..."

Can I really be 29 weeks?
Seriously? That can't be possible, can it?

I passed my 3-hour glucose test like a champ! Typing is tough with band-aids on 4 fingers, especially on the iPhone. I clicked on the wrong contact to call several times yesterday...whoops.

We did a little nursery furniture shopping while we were gone this weekend, & have decided on the rest of our furniture. It should be here within 2-4 weeks.
The funniest thing happened while shopping for our glider though, yall are gonna loooove this.

Backstory: Like a good nesting wife & soon to be mother, I have researched all kinds of different gliders & rockers, how much they cost, how long they take to order, where you can get them from, ect. The other night I showed the hubby a picture of the one that I had decided I wanted & where I could get it for the best price.
Like a man, he was just positive that we could find it at a furniture store cheaper & negotiate with them on the price.

Fast forward to Saturday: We get up and go to a reputable baby furniture store in the Atlanta area, because while he is positive that they probably have what I'm looking for at Rooms-to-go, I'm positive that they will not. I persuade him to go with me to the baby store first, so at least he can see exactly what it is that I'm wanting. Then we can go where ever he thinks they might have one.

We pull up and sure enough, there in the window of the baby store, is a chair just like what I'm wanting. He kind of puffs up and says "See! I knew we could find one in a store, & I bet we can negotiate to get it cheaper than what you found online."
I just smiled, because I knew what all of you probably know, my husband has never stepped foot in a baby furniture store & had no idea what kind of price tag he was about to encounter.
It was TRIPLE what I found online & they said ::insert best snooty salesperson voice here:: "Well we don't really lower the price on our floor models, because by selling them, we're really doing YOU a favor, since you don't have to order one."
A favor indeed.

As we walked to the car, he said "I think you did a little more research than I assumed that you had, I'm thinking the one you found was probably the best deal" but since rooms-to-go was practically right next door, we decided that we would go in there, just to check & see if they had one.
Now that the hubby knows exactly what I'm looking for, he walks up to a salesperson & begins to describe it. The convo goes a little something like this:

Hubs: Excuse me, we're looking for a rocker/glider for our nursery
Salesman: ::blankstare:: you mean, like a lay-z-boy?
Hubs: No, not really a recliner. This looks more like a stationary chair, but it rocks/glides when you sit in it.
Salesman: :light of recognition flashes in his eyes: OH!! No man, we don't carry those here. What you need is to find you a cracker barrel, they have all kinds of those sitting out front on their porch, there's one right down the road on the left...
Pippy: :biting lip to keep from laughing:
Hubs: Um, no. It's not really a rocking chair exactly, it's an upholstered chair that glides.
Salesman: Well come over here, I think maybe we were talking about the same thing the first time :proceeds to walk us to the biggest lay-z-boy in the store.:

So needless to say, rooms-to-go was a bust.
Well, except for the fact that I will always giggle every time we pass a cracker barrel from now on...

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Sweet Southern Prep said...

Classic Rooms-To-Go store. Need we say more? I found a lot of my nursery items at yard sales. Look for estate sales in your area. They usually have a lot of nice furniture marked down to next to nothing. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

In his defense, Cracker Barrel is awesome!!

Candace said...

Thats awesome! Ive never seen a glider at cracker barrel! Check craigslist, thats where I found mine.Love the new blog design!

All Things Cherish said...

Haha, men! : )