Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes - I get a thousand hugs...

1. I love spell check & predictive text, however I hate it when I'm typing something & it automatically changes the word I'm typing to something completely different. If I wanted it to say that I would have typed that in the first place. Prime example, I got a text from my little sister this week, it read :"I'm heterosexual to Kohl's. do you need anything?"
It was supposed to say "I'm going to go to Kohl's.." but she left out a space somewhere & that was what her 'smartphone' thought she meant to say. LOL

2. This song cracks me up, not because the song itself is actually funny but because my husband, after hearing it for the first time started trying to make his voice sound like this & sing the song to me one morning while he was getting ready for work. I married a clown y'all, but I love him more & more everyday.

3. Speaking of the hubs, he travels a lot for work & frequently has to work late. So when he is actually home we take advantage of the time we get to spend together. I don't clean on the weekends for this reason. Snuggling with him is way more important than dishes in the sink or laundry in the dryer. That's what monday's are for.

4. While I was at the store the other day I started noticing something about brand names. There are some brand names that have absolutely taken over an item. Like Band-aids, everyone says band-aid but it's actually that's a brand, not an particular item. The generic version of band-aid? Adhesive strips.
Jello? It becomes "flavored gelatin mix"
Cool-whip? Whipped topping
There's tons more.

5. I realized yesterday that I still don't have a "The Pioneer Woman" cookbook. :hangs head in shame: My next amazon order will have to rectify this situation.

6. In my latest couponing adventures I came across a coupon for 20% any one Vera Bradley Sale item. So I cruised on over & they had a bag that I had been wanting in a print that I love that has been discontinued on sale. Original price $85.00, on sale for $35.00, I paid $29.50 after using my coupon. I love great deals.

7. Anybody looking for some giveaways? I have oodles of blog friends doing giveaways this week. Here is a list of some you should check out!
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Tell them Pippy sent you!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Deals, Steals and Heels said...

hahaha, the text from your sis is classic!

and that song makes no sense...but always sing it too.