Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anybody want a Free Kindle??

I bet you do!
I know that I have wanted one forever.
I also bet that you might not know that if you have a iPhone, blackberry, PC or Mac, you can get Kindle for free!

I know, it's hard to believe but it's true!
All you have to do is download the software and whatever device you happen to have becomes your own personal Kindle & it's totally free!

If you have an iphone - go to the App store and search for Kindle. It will be a free App.

If you have a blackberry - Same deal. It should be free, I don't have a blackberry so I'm not sure how it works.

If you have a PC - You can click right 'Here'.

If you have a Mac - Click 'here' please!

Amazon also has a new selection of Free Kindle books every week!
Isn't that pretty stinkin' cool?

I downloaded this one this morning!

"A Promise to Remember" by Kathryn Cushman

I'm thinking that this is going to be pretty handy during all those late night feedings!

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Just stopping over from the blog party to say hi. I, for one, was not aware that all those devices could work like a kindle. I bet the itouch does too then, I will have to check it out. Thanks so much for the heads up!

Hope you have a great time with your party and will stop by and say when you get the chance! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know that you could download Kindle for Mac! May have to check that out...

Welcome to the UBP!

Sarah said...

I've got to try this!

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party to say hello.I am enjoying your site.

Have a great day!

Kristin said...

Love love love having the kindle on my phone!

Unknown said...

Love it! I asked my friend if she felt dumb cause she bought a 400$ kindle and she could have gotten if for her mac for free.
I downloaded it for my mac, I just need to get some books!

Love your Blog!!!

Check my motherhood blog out sometime