Friday, April 23, 2010

What I'm doing...& what you should be.

Personally, I'm chill-axing on my grandparents couch, about to walk down to the dock & get a little sun on my pasty white self.

While I would LOVE for all of y'all to be here hanging out with me, I know that's probably not possible.
So, be with me in spirit...& go sign up for my Coddlelife giveaway by clicking "here".

Seriously, pregnant or not, mommy or not, everybody knows somebody who has a baby, & who doesn't like free stuff??

So what are you waiting on?
Go sign now!

Have a fantastic weekend lovelies!!!

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1 comment:

The Pink Blogger said...

oh I SO wish I was about to go soak in the sun with you, rather than sitting inside at work for the next 6 hours! enjoy!