Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clouds & Silver Linings

Today has been one of those days.
You know the kind I'm talking about?
The ones where you just want a do-over, or to sleep through the rest of it & have someone wake you up tomorrow.

In the midst of it all though, I have been trying to find the positives in every bad situation.
Here's my list of clouds & silver linings so far.

1.) I'm repainting a chest of drawers for Pipsqueak's nursery & wanted to change out the pull knobs.

Cloud: It's old & apparently you can't buy new hardware for it. The standard is 3" now, & this is 2".
Silver Lining: I found hammered metallic silver spray paint & I'm going to attempt to paint the old ones. So instead of $45 on knobs, I spent $7 for paint.

2.) My iPhone woke up & decided to only let me hear people talking if I have it on speaker phone.

Cloud: I've had it 8 days over the warranty. 8!! I can pay apple to fix it or buy a new one.
Silver Lining: For about $50 more, I can upgrade to the one that has video recording capabilities. Which would be nice when pipsqueak gets here.

3.) I ordered some nursery furniture & bedding for the guest and master bedrooms using Walmart's Site-to-store shipping.

Cloud: The lost the master bedding, and instead of just getting me another one, They are refunding my money & I have to order it again.
Silver lining: That's all they lost. All the Nursery furniture has been delivered. So as far as things getting lost, that was the least important thing.

4.) We are going to Georgia for the weekend & I did some laundry last night.

Cloud: Somehow I didn't notice a red shirt that got thrown in my husband's hamper. It bled on not 1...but 2! pairs of his khaki shorts.
Silver lining: Okay I've got nothing for this one. It just sucks.

5.) As I was folding clothes, My dog came to keep me company.

Cloud: He actually wasn't trying to keep me company, he didn't feel good & wanted his mom.
He puked.
Silver Lining: He puked in the garbage can I sat in front of him. Yeah, we've done this a time or two. His name isn't "Hurley" for nothing...

Aaaaand it's only lunchtime.

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Kelsey712 said...

sounds like its been one of those days... I can definitely relate!

I hope it gets better soon!

Anne said...

Well, I am proud of you for looking at all of those Silver Linings. Way to go girl. That stinks about your husbands shorts though...I would be so mad too!

The Pink Blogger said...

So sorry you're not having a great day! Hope it gets better from here!

Ashley Pepitone said...

Were the shorts pleated? That could be your silver lining!

LCW said...

I have a pukey dog too. And I've managed to get her to puke in a garbage can quite a few times. Why is it they always want to do it behind the bedroom door on the carpet??