Monday, April 19, 2010

The leading "Diaper Bag Dilemma" Contender

So I read all of your comments and suggestions for the my diaper bag dilemma.
You guys really were a big help. Thank you for all of your suggestions!
It seems that we have lots of "Petunia Pickle Bottom" fans out there.
However, I'm going to risk losing even more of you by saying that while I love a lot of their bag designs, the fabrics really aren't me.
I'm just not sure I could pull them off personally. You know what I mean?

Enter this little beauty.

This, my friends, is a "JP Lizzy Classic Diaper Tote in Mocha Mint".

I love it's classic look with fresh pink & green stripes.
& That polka dot bow?? I die.

It looks feminine without screaming "PINK" which is a very common problem I'm finding in all things baby girl.
The hubs would totally pick this up and carry it without feeling "too" much like he was carrying a purse or pink glittery butterflies were attacking him.
It comes with all of the things pictured above, Diaper bag, changing pag, cosmetic bag and wristlet.

There are 2 adjustable bottle pockets inside, along with several of other pockets, it's made out of a "wipe-able" microfiber fabric with a wipe-able interior liner.
It converts with stroller straps, where you can just hook it on & go.

So after days of deliberating, I think this is probably the one.
Now if I could somehow figure out how to get them "Buy one get one free" so I could this one too...

Well then I would just be in heaven.

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Deals, Steals and Heels said...

both are so cute!!

Ashley Bray said...

Cute cute. And it is wipeable/washable a definite plus. Great job!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I love them both! Nice shopping! Now it's just decision time! Good luck! I'm sure you'll be happy with either one! :)